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Help your teams become faster, smarter, and far more efficient with the most robust, flexibile, and innovative features in the industry.

Our three promises to you


We constantly innovate and provide you with a forward-thinking product that over-delivers on the things you need today, and knows what you’ll need tomorrow.


Make your teams more efficient, faster, and more collaborative with Merlin. We help you find, share, use, and get content to market faster than ever before. We’re your central hub for content and digital assets, easily accessible to the people who need them most.

You’re a VIP to us

We are old school, sometimes. Like when it comes to relationships. We’ve been around for more than 25 years and are honored to still count our first customer among our clientele today. Many customers have been with us for over a decade.

Our point is, we care a lot about making you successful. Every customer of ours gets the VIP treatment.

Configurable and flexible

Work the way you want to work

Customize your Merlin workspace to fit your needs. With a simple drag and drop interface, Merlin X is configurable for many use cases, like publishing, marketing, brand management, and creative production. Your search results are always displayed on one place, but saved searches, common collections, metadata, and even everyday tools can be configured in any order, shown, or hidden.

Our Workflow Engine automates common manual tasks by allowing users to create advanced workflows like automatic image conversion, one-click multi-channel distribution, and many more time-saving tasks.

Configurable and flexible

Speed of search

So fast, we guarantee it

Did you know our SLA specifically guarantees the max allowed search times for any size collection? And that we have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We’ve always worked with clients whose businesses depended on us.

Fanatical Product Support

“We are absolutely thrilled with this product. We couldn't be happier.”

- Jeff Jones, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“To all the folks at MerlinOne… I want to express our deepest thanks for being a major partner with World Vision.”

- John Leckie, World Vision International

“ I wanted to thank you, and the entire team at MerlinOne, for all of your continued support of our partnership this past year.”

- Leigh Montgomery, The Christian Science Monitor

Merlin X: your DAM, running your way

SaaS Cloud DAM

Your assets stored in our single-tenant, hosted environment. No IT staff needed. 99.99% uptime guarantee with free upgrades. Amazon’s AWS and other cloud configurations available.

In-House DAM

Your assets stored on your own hardware. For teams that need incredible speed and throughput of assets. Tens of thousands of images per hour and our DAM won’t break a sweat. Requires IT support.


Fully HIPAA-compliant DAM environment for your assets. Not just for healthcare – it’s for any company that needs the highest standards of security for their content. Can be applied to either SaaS or Hosted systems.

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Control your digital assets

Rights management, permissions and versioning

Rights-managed images can be a huge asset – or a huge risk – to your business. It’s easy to keep track of rights when you use a DAM.

Control access at the organization, team, or individual level. Merlin makes it easy to manage a single team, or 20,000 users across the globe.

Check out content, edit it, then check it back in to ensure that users have the most current version on hand. Or, go back in time through your asset history and grab an earlier version.

Rights management, permissions and versioning
Taxonomy and metadata

Taxonomy and metadata

Configurable to your industry

Keep tight control over your taxonomy vocabulary with industry-leading control and flexibility. Customize your structure to your industry and organizational needs – Merlin is incredibly flexible.

If adding metadata is a chore, then you’ll love the ability to batch edit files intelligently. Our AI capabilities can even automatically append metadata to an image.

Mission-critical security


We know that security is not just a concern with healthcare organizations. That’s why we worked hard and achieved HIPAA/HITECH compliance. Your digital assets are mission critical, so we go farther to protect them.

Single-Tenant DAM

Most other DAMs are multi-tenant, meaning that your data is co-stored on a server with other customers’ data. We are single tenant – you are the only customer on a server.

Why does it matter? A security breach or excessive activity from any customer on a multi-tenant server affects everyone negatively.

Flexible & fault tolerant

Single sign on (SAML) – we can easily adapt to your security standards. In addition, the Merlin X DAM is fault-tolerant. Go unplug our server power cords – you won’t even notice a hiccup in performance.

We value long-term relationships

The White House
World Vision
The New York Times
Mount Sinai Hospital

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