Enhance Employee Collaboration While Working Remotely with DAM

Remote working and virtual business team graphic on MerlinOne's website

Many organizations have expanded the potential of their in-house workforce by tapping into the skills and experience of freelancers, agencies and other helpful partners to boost productivity and save money. In recent years, future-focused businesses have also begun to explore the benefits of remote work, especially as innovative technology solutions emerge and companies shift their operation strategies to fit new HR models that place employees at the center of company growth and success. While there are pros and cons to the world of remote work, the current pandemic has forced businesses that weren’t yet on board to embrace it and continue to support remote operational structures moving forward.

However, managing a team that stays motivated, productive, and united while working remotely doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools in place, business leaders can trust their employees to produce the same levels of productivity and quality of work—and even exceed in-person performance—by working, smarter, not harder. Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions are one example of such tools that can help remote employees and teams stay connected and productive. Learn how a digital asset management system can help your team collaborate and overcome the challenges of a remote work environment.

Employee Collaboration with Digital Asset Management

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits that digital asset management brings today’s businesses, regardless of their work-from-home status, it’s time to get up to speed. DAM software is the best way to safely store and manage all of the content that your team touches—from office documents, images, and branded assets to video and audio files—in a way that promotes easy asset organization and access, usage rights management, industry compliance, employee collaboration and brand consistency.

Even though the use of a DAM eliminates the need to ask around the office to get that image from last year’s event to update this year’s brochure, using a DAM system doesn’t mean missing out on opportunities to communicate with team members. It simply enhances the way employees work together to produce great results for their departments, and for teams whether remote or in-person, this means:

  • Simplified, streamlined workflows
  • Easier approval process
  • Secure files accessible anywhere
  • Stress-free asset searching
  • Less risk of asset misuse
  • Seamless project transferring
  • More collaboration and idea sharing
  • Less duplicate or wasted work
  • No brand compliance issues

Building the Future of Remote Work with DAM

Remote work is here to stay, and will likely be an operation strategy that many companies choose to maintain, or offer as an option to their employees in a post-COVID world. There are endless ways that a DAM platform can improve collaboration among employees and build upon the existing culture and dynamics of teams, especially for those working remotely now and in the future.

The best DAMs are straightforward and easy to understand, so new employees can feel confident navigating the software and getting what they need to perform their roles without slowing down colleagues. Plus, an organization system like this will impress new staff and show existing employees that your company has their back by ditching outdated technology to provide tools that relieve some of the burden of staying connected while working from home.

If you’re exploring your options for uniting your team and supporting remote work efforts, MerlinOne offers advanced digital asset management solutions with AI capabilities like MerlinAI Facial Recognition and MerlinAI Visual Similarity that help employees be more productive and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. Learn more about MerlinX, and our other DAM solutions by contacting us today.