The Benefits of
Merlin + Drupal
Connector & Integration

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What You’ll Get

  • Access your DAM content in Merlin from inside the Drupal UI
  • Easy to get up and running-no technical work required
  • Fast access your whole team can rely on
  • Add content to the Drupal library and onto your post or page without having to download and upload
  • Uses a simplified Merlin UI for easy access
  • Use your Merlin login (or single sign on) credentials
  • No need to learn another piece of software
  • Rights management rules come from Merlin
  • Use Merlin Collections and powerful search

MerlinOne integrates into the Drupal content management framework. Through the Merlin + Drupal Connector plugin, your teams will be able to more efficiently find, access and publish visual content from their Merlin library without even having to leave the Drupal dashboard.

How it works.

drupal connector

Your Merlin DAM becomes a media source from within Drupal, just like the "Drupal Upload Files” or “Media Library” tab. Select the MerlinX tab from within Drupal after selecting the Media Library. Easily search, select, and add content to Drupal Media Library and your post.

Drupal Integration with These Merlin Features:

  • Use Same Credentials
  • Use Merlin’s powerful search to find content
  • Use Merlin’s collections to find organized content
  • Configure size requirements in the preferences
  • Add to the library and post together

Under the Hood-Technical Information

Using it is as simple as adding the plugin within the Drupal Plugin area, as you would for any plugin. (MerlinOne will provide the plugin kit to customers that have purchased the functionality.)

Product Minimum Version
MerlinX 6.0.2
Drupal 8.0
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