Digital Asset Management User Adoption

Sponsored by Henry Stewart, DAM New York 2017 is the world’s largest conference dedicated to digital asset management. The show features experts, experienced archivists, and DAM implementers from a wide range of industries. MerlinOne is fortunate enough to have several of our customers presenting in various panels.

User adoption is one of the most commonly-shared challenges companies face as they role out new digital asset management workflows and technologies. Let’s face it, most people don’t like change and old habits (like storing assets on their hard drive) do die hard.

In 2017, MerlinOne is focusing on making our DAM easier than ever to implement and roll out. A key factor in user adoption is not changing how people currently perform their jobs. Explaining to users “how a DAM will help me” is key. For instance, using artificial intelligence tools to add descriptive metadata to images so they can easily be found is a major time saver.

One way for smooth adoption is not to disrupt existing workflows. That may mean not asking users to leave tools they are already familiar with. That is one of the reasons Merlin has integrations to popular creative tools like the Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative teams live in an Adobe-centric workflow, so we’ve tried to adapt to user workflows. One way we’ve done this is by integrating directly with Adobe CC. Simply click a button in Adobe Photoshop or other tools and have all your assets at your finger tips within the program. Users can version assets or simply upload new assets to the DAM, all within a familiar interface. It’s fast and easy.

In addition, web designers and developers can simply access the DAM through the application they use to create their pages. This is why Merlin has easy plug-ins for searching the DAM from WordPress, or another CMS.

Most sales teams use Salesforce, so what could be easier than being able to choose the proper sales and marketing collateral without having to leave? Accessing your digital assets in the Merlin DAM via a button in Salesforce helps improve adoption of a DAM for your sales group and increase user happiness. And of course, it ensures the correct, approved asset is used.

Come see us if you are planning to attend DAM NY and if not, contact us and we can share our experiences in helping companies implement their DAM.

Rande Anmuth Simpson

Director of Sales
Phone: 912.258.5060

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