Digital Asset Management System: Top Ten Reasons You Need It

Searching for that elusive digital asset.

Searching for that elusive digital asset.

Top ten reasons you need a digital asset management system:

  1. You spend hours a day trying to find digital files that you know exist. Sometimes you never do find them.
  2. People phone or email you all day looking for digital assets. You wish they could search for them by themselves.
  3. You are worried that material you have rights to use ONLY in print, gets used on your website.
  4. You are concerned the wrong version of an asset gets used (the “bad” old logo instead of the new branding, etc).
  5. Several company offices or affiliates need access to the assets. They see you as the bottleneck.
  6. You are concerned the cleaning crew will spill something, kick, or pull the plug on your computer and you will lose everything.
  7. Your assets are spread throughout various computers and different offices. Their hardware keeps going down.
  8. You are spending money burning and mailing CDs of data.
  9. You had to rehire someone to create an asset that you had before.
  10. You want to make your life easier and work more efficiently

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Posted by Rande Simpson

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