Digital Asset Management Past and Future

DAM Customer - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Historical). Photo by Fort Worth Star-Telegram It’s a Changing World. I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of our MerlinOne customers during a trip to Texas. While all our customers are important, this one holds a special place in my heart. I walked through the lobby of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, much as I did in 1977 – 34 years ago, to interview for what would eventually become my first job in the newspaper business. This time it was business, a chance to meet with Merlin digital asset management users at the paper.

Not much has changed in that lobby. The historical marker, outside the entrance, reminds people walking by of Amon Carter’s purchase of a competitor in 1908 to create what was once one of the largest papers in the South. The Star-Telegram circulated to New Mexico and Oklahoma.

But as I soon learned, just as the newspaper business overall is drastically changing, The Star-Telegram continues to evolve to keep pace. One of the first newspapers to create an online presence, the paper has always embraced change.

DAM Customer - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Today). Photo by Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram Their building has been sold, and the paper is moving to another downtown office space where they are creating a new, modern up-to-date newsroom. Since the presses moved out of downtown years ago, the paper, like most in the USA, has been evolving; looking for the right combinations to meet the needs of the local community and readers. The paper no longer needs the two square blocks of space it occupies.

So the paper is making plans to move staff and systems, managing all the logistics that entails. I am sure it is a lot like cleaning out your garage, magnified by some unimaginable factor.

It was kind of nice to know that the company that currently employs me (MerlinOne) had a small hand in helping this storied newspaper move. A long-time Merlin and Trax assignment management site, The Star-Telegram chose to migrate their in-house archive and Picture Desk® to our hosted, Software as a Service (in the cloud) Merlin solution. This will mean one less computer system that has to be relocated and reconfigured as the paper moves to their new digs.

Editors, photographers and reporters will be able to access their photos and stories using the Merlin digital asset management solution from their historic location at the corner of Taylor and 7th Streets on one day, and continue to access and use Merlin the next day when the staff moves to their new location downtown, a few blocks away.

The old digs hold a lot of memories, many of which are best reminisced over a beer, so join me in a toast to the past and the future. Cheers!

Posted by David Breslauer
Historical Photo by Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Contemporary Photo by Rodger Mallison/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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