5 Digital Asset Management Experts You Should Know

Ralph Windsor

When it comes to digital asset management, there are a few widely recognized thought leaders who set the tone and hold considerable power in shaping the industry. If you’re trying to keep up with the latest happenings in DAM, learn about the current best practices for digital asset management, emerging technologies that promise to make DAM better than ever, and more, following industry thought leaders is the way to go. Here are five of the foremost experts in digital asset management you should know (listed in no particular order).

Ralph Windsor Ralph Windsor, Project Director at Daydream and Editor of DAM News


You can’t research digital asset management without coming across the work of Ralph Windsor. Windsor has spent many years in the IT industry, working as a software developer, project manager, and consultant. In January 2018, Windsor was chosen to become the new Director of The DAM Guru Program and continues to lead consulting projects at Daydream, in addition to his work as a contributing editor of DAM News, one of the leading digital asset management industry publications.

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Henrik de Gyor Henrik de Gyor, Chief Consultant at Another DAM Consultancy


A consultant, podcaster, speaker, writer, and startup advisor, Henrik de Gyor is a widely recognized thought leader in the DAM field. Chief consultant at Another DAM Consultancy, a vendor-agnostic agency that assists and advocates for digital asset management clients, de Gyor is best known for his prolific work as blogger at Another DAM Blog and podcaster at Another DAM Podcast, where he regularly interviews leading digital asset management professionals and thought leaders to provide a variety of perspectives on the evolving field of DAM. He teaches organizations how to search, find, reuse, and repurpose their valuable digital assets.

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Theresa Regli Theresa Regli, Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Blogger


A dynamic speaker, author, consultant, and blogger, Theresa Regli is one of the foremost experts on digital asset management. Having worked with “a diverse array of cultural heritage institutions and over 20% of the Fortune 500, establishing a future-state DAM plan and mapping a path to success,” Theresa draws from her vast and varied experience to deliver thought-provoking and insightful keynote presentations in 18 countries over the past decade. She also leads two in-depth seminars at conferences, which can also be custom-tailored for clients.

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Mark Davey Mark Davey, CEO and Founder of The Codified DAM Consultant, CEO of IQ Equity, and President of The DAM Foundation


Drawing from his 20+ years of experience in content marketing, digital strategy, publishing, and advertising, Mark Davey offers “independent vendor-agnostic consultancy services and strategic expertise in Digital Asset Management, Multi-Channel Content Development, Taxonomy, and Metadata.” His company, IQ Equity, developed the Ten Core Characteristics of a DAM System and analyzes the vendor landscape, which consists of more than 150 companies. Davey also serves as the President of the DAM Foundation.

Margie Foster Margie Foster, M.L.I.S., Digital Asset Management Librarian at Dell

Margie Foster is a 25-year veteran of the digital asset management field. In addition to her role at Dell, she’s also an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas School of Information, where she teaches a course on digital asset management. Margie has been interviewed for a variety of publications, offering her unique perspectives and insights on leading and implementing corporate DAM initiatives.

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These DAM experts have established their thought leadership in the complex and evolving digital asset management space. It’s worth keeping up with these five professionals to stay abreast of shifts and trends in the industry and to gain insights into the emerging best practices for digital asset management. Who is your favorite DAM expert?

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