4 Real-World Digital Asset Management Examples

You probably already know that digital asset management is a valuable tool for organizing, managing, and controlling things like documents, photos, videos, and other digital assets, but you may not have a clear understanding of how a DAM solution works in practice. Companies across every industry benefit from seamless collaboration tools, automated workflows, flexible deployment options, and powerful search capabilities only a DAM can offer to support mission-critical processes.

When protecting and managing your corporate identity, communicating and collaborating throughout the content lifecycle, and world class security are must-haves, you need a powerful DAM like MerlinOne to support your marketing and creative teams. Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the many examples of how companies of all stripes are leveraging MerlinOne’s leading digital asset management solution to achieve these goals and more.

Example #1: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Leverages DAM to Manage Its Photography and Content Collection

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission relies on photography to showcase Nebraska’s breathtaking state parks and wildlife in its award-winning NEBRASKAland Magazine and across social media. MerlinOne makes the non-profit’s digital photography collection searchable, eliminating the need to manually search through negatives and other files, and provides the nuanced permission level capabilities the organization needs in a DAM. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission also leverages MerlinX to make their collection available to media entities for use in illustrating stories.

Download our case study below to learn more about how Nebraska Game and Parks Commission benefits from MerlinOne.
MerlinOne CTA Nebraska Case Study Download

Example #2: Providence College Leverages DAM to Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

Before MerlinOne, Providence College stored its digital asset collection on DVDs. Thanks to the introduction of metadata with MerlinOne, the college’s digital asset collection is now searchable, making Providence College’s Division of Marketing and Communications more efficient. With MerlinOne’s centralized environment, searchable archives, and tools for collaborating both internally and externally, the Division of Marketing and Communications is better able to provide the marketing and creative services needed to support print and digital messaging.

Download our case study below to learn more about how Providence College benefits from MerlinOne.
MerlinOne CTA Providence College Case Study Download

Example #3: World Vision Leverages DAM to Raise Global Awareness through Web, Print, Broadcast, and Social Media

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that works with children, families, and communities around the world. Because the organization relies on print, broadcast, web, and social media to raise awareness about global humanitarian crises, World Vision needed a dependable DAM solution with reliable system access and availability to support thousands of DAM users globally. By leveraging MerlinOne, World Vision enables users across more than 100 countries to upload assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere. The non-profit organization also benefits from cost savings achieved thanks to MerlinOne’s SaaS model.

Download our case study below to learn more about how World Vision supports global humanitarian efforts with MerlinOne.
MerlinOne World Vision Case Study Download

Example #4: Make-A-Wish Leverages DAM for Advanced Permissions and Access Controls to Support Local Chapters

For an organization like Make-A-Wish, robust permissions and access controls are beneficial for supporting local chapters who need private access to digital asset collections. But that’s not all: Chapters can also share and view shared content, and because assets can be linked, it’s easy for team members to locate related assets. With MerlinOne, it’s also simple for Make-A-Wish chapters and team members to share assets externally, eliminating the tedious manual task of delivering assets to external parties via email or other methods.

Download our case study below to learn more about how Make-A-Wish supports broad organization goals as well as the needs of local chapters with the help of MerlinOne.
MerlinOne Make-a-Wish Case Study Download

These examples are just a small sampling of the many companies that benefit from powerful digital asset management solutions like MerlinOne. With features and functionality that support the unique needs of companies in a variety of industries, MerlinOne is a robust DAM solution for all types of companies – even those requiring highly secure, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant solutions.

Not only does MerlinOne offer powerful features that support the complex needs of today’s marketing and creative teams, but DAM is a cost-efficient and money-saving solution, as well. Check out our DAM ROI calculator to find out how much money a digital asset management solution can save your company. If you’re ready to discover what digital asset management can do for you, schedule a demo with MerlinOne today.

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