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Merlin5 digital asset management system color codes are cool.

Merlin5 digital asset management system color codes are cool.

In an effort to better communicate with our customers, MerlinOne‘s digital asset management workflow expert David Breslauer has started to post cool Merlin5 client tips on our Facebook page. Below are some of the tips he has posted so far. For more tips become a fan of the MerlinOne Facebook page.

Merlin5 Drop Down lists are cool.
In single view, any field that has a disclosure triangle may be populated with a value list. This list may be created server side (Call MerlinOne Customer support for help with this) or may be created locally by the individual user. Simply go into edit mode (If you have the privilege) and type in a value to the desired field. Use the disclosure triangle on the right and select “Remember Field Value.” It will be added to the list and may be accessed by either pulling down to the value OR, and this is extra cool, clicking into the field (by either mouse click or tabbing into it) and beginning to type. The field will autocomplete using values in the pick list. Lists are stored as part of a users profile, so they are accessible regardless of the computer used. The same information shows up in the pulldowns elsewhere, such as the search and edit multiple dialogs.

Merlin5 Color Codes are Cool.
Select up to four unique fields for each user group (or give all users and groups the same experience) and assign a shape (diamonds, circles, squares and triangles—our own Lucky Charms) to the field. And within each field/shape combination, assign a color to a specific value. For example, for all pictures with Utah in the State field, assign Red to the Circle. For California, assign Blue to the circle (no politics implied). Beneath pictures whose State=California, a blue circle appears, Utah, a red circle and so on. Up to four fields/shapes are supported. And also as mentioned, different types of users could have different shapes/colors. For example, librarians may be more interested in one field, photo editors another.

Merlin5 Custom Search Templates are Cool.
Create a default template that meets your needs. You can even set up a default search template that matches Merlin4, field for field. Or better yet, set up custom search templates that can be used specifically for the job at hand. Working on the Sports Desk at night? Set up a Custom search template for content received in the last 12 hours and show the supplemental category field. If you have populated the Sup Cat field with values, you now have a pick list to use as well. And of course the Search templates are available from their own menu item (Search>Search Templates) or from the Search dialog itself.

Now that’s cool!

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