Digital Asset Management Conference in NYC – Henry Stewart DAM

MerlinOne's Jeff Seidensticker talks with Susan Warner of Save the Children. Photo by Rande Simpson MerlinOne participated in the Henry Stewart DAM Conference in New York City last week. I was told attendance was up about 30 percent from last year, which tells me the economy must be improving and corporations are looking to spend money to help improve efficiencies.

This year’s conference focused not only on what features to look for in a digital asset management system (DAM) and what type of system best fits the needs of a particular corporation, but there were also several sessions on the practical use of a DAM.

There were discussions about best practices in implementing DAM solutions and how important it is to have your organization aligned with executive-level support so you can implement change among the business units involved.

The attendees were a mix of those looking to make a purchase in the near future and those that had a DAM in place, but wanted to learn how to best use or leverage their existing tools. In attendance were several consultants who keep up with the latest technology so they could expand their offerings to clients.

There was an interest in video asset management, and Merlin’s ability to take the audio track, run it through a speech-to-text process, and index it along the timeline of the video, was very well received. Attendees were impressed that the Merlin video asset management system can search on the spoken word, cue up the video and start playing – a feature that several of our competitors apparently do not have.

It was an enlightening couple of days – an opportunity to see some old friends, meet some new friends and learn something along the way. Speaking with DAM users gives us just another opportunity to continue to improve our product.

Posted by Rande Simpson

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