DAM thought leader Fergal Glynn featured on MarTechExec

MerlinOne’s Head of Marketing, Fergal Glynn, was recently featured on the MarTechExec blog. Fergal was highlighted alongside other Digital Asset Management thought leaders on Why Digital Asset Management has Become a Must-Have for Marketing Teams.

Taking DAM from Tactical to Strategic

Fergal highlights 7 key areas vendors need to focus on in order to mature from being just another file repository to being instrumental in giving structure to the creative process.

  • More Artificial Intelligence (AI) used both for inputs and for searching and thus selection. Content could be more self-selecting (e.g. a user inputs – “show me vertical photos that look like a sunset and have a high rating and/or a high memorability”).
  • Content pre-organized into smaller subsets for rapid review and selection by an editor
    Systems responding to voice for both initial search and refinements, a la Siri/Alexa. Imaging being able to talk to a DAM rather than thinking about how to craft the right search term
  • Increasing use of AI to do Quality Assurance on search results. This feature highlights the search results most likely to be what the user is looking for.
  • Better and better integrations with other systems in the creative workflow (e.g. marketing automation like hubspot and marketo, CRM like pipedrive and salesforce, analytics like adobe and google analytics, project management like asana and rally, etc…) to make access to digital assets more and more seamless for people who have heavy workloads.
  • Moving towards more mobile, even wearable technology, for marketers to access content. Imagine being able to use your watch to find the perfect image needed for the front page of the new corporate brochure.
  • Technology to digitally verify whether content has been altered as tools emerge that make it easy to swap audio, or alter video similar to the way PhotoShop is used to manipulate images.

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