Why is DAM an Integral Part of the MarTech Stack?

Image of integrated dam vector on MerlinOne's DAM service website.

Implementing a digital asset management solution significantly enhances the process of organizing, finding, and managing digital assets. What makes a DAM solution truly powerful is the ability to support creative teams through the entire content lifecycle, from creation to promotion. The best DAM software will offer integrations with common creative tools.

Through integrations with creative and marketing tools, you have the power to:

  • Expand the value of your DAM through practical and useful integrations with common creative and marketing tools
  • Increase team productivity by reducing the need to toggle between platforms or software programs when working

Creative teams do not design digital assets in the DAM, and your target audience is consuming content through many different digital platforms including the web, email, and social media. Integrations with these other tools are critical to maintaining the digital asset management system’s place as the central source of truth for your entire digital media library. The right integration capabilities empower users to access content from their DAM without exiting the interface of other tools they work in daily.

For creatives, it’s critical that the DAM can integrate with the design tools they use to create digital content and assets. MerlinX integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud tools such as Photoshop and InDesign. Streamlining content creation and eliminating the need to switch between platforms, creatives can check assets in and out of the DAM to make edits or updates. Learn more about the MerlinX Adobe Creative Cloud integration here.

For marketers, integrations with the CMS

MerlinX offers integrations with WordPressDrupal, and Sitecore. Need to use an image from your DAM to update a webpage in your CMS? No problem— users can access, use, and publish assets from their digital asset library right from the WordPress, Sitecore, or Drupal interfaces, seamlessly connecting the CMS and DAM systems for better control.

With these, and new integrations coming soon, feel confident knowing your digital assets are accessible from the other platforms you use day-to-day. Speeding up the creative process and eliminating the need to toggle between platforms, the MerlinX DAM solution is an integral part of the MarTech stack that makes your assets accessible through connections with your other marketing technology systems.