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Merlin digital asset management user, The New York Post has a new app for the iPad. Flickr photo by Rego -

Merlin digital asset management user, The New York Post has a new app for the iPad.

I am a Mac user and an Apple fan and have been for years. I am on my second iPhone and as a matter-of-fact, my husband and 12-year-old daughter have them and my 10-year-old son uses my first generation iPhone (no phone service though – I do have to draw the line somewhere) as an iPod touch, downloading as many cool, mostly game apps he can find.

Speaking of cool apps, one of our Merlin Picture Desk System and DAM users, the New York Post has a new app for the iPad. No, I don’t have one of those yet. But I want one.

The iPad is a handheld device made by Apple that has been called an iPhone on steroids. It has a 9.7 inch high-resolution screen that makes watching movies, viewing photos or surfing the web amazing. If you don’t like the touch screen keyboard, you can attach an external keyboard dock or use a bluetooth one. You can download photos from your digital camera directly to the iPad. You can hook up a set of speakers and jam out. You can hook it up to a projector for presentations. And it is extremely portable.

The New York Post app gives you a twice-daily dose of terrific photos, including celebrity, sports and news pictures. I am a news photo junkie so this is just perfect for me. My daughter is a celebrity watcher, so she would enjoy seeing what all her favorite actors and performers are doing daily. There is a plan is to eventually deliver the entire newspaper to iPad users-for those that like to read the stories too!

The New York Post, a tabloid that has a daily circulation of 724,748, has been using our Merlin digital asset management and Picture Desk System to manage their photographs since 1996. Photo editors select pictures from their Merlin two times a day, adding them to a project or folder. Once the edits are final they drag and drop them to an output target so a Post Pix staffer can upload them to the iPad app.

The iPad app gives people a way to share the cool NY Post pictures with their friends. You get to keep 5 days worth a photos and the app includes the software so you can view them in a slide show. Plus you can email the really good ones to your friends that don’t have an iPad, or you can post them on your Facebook page.

The reviews on the iTunes site for the New York Post app are terrific. People just love it. Who knows with more cool apps coming out everyday, I might just have to buy an iPad.

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