Content Hub

Extend the value of your DAM by engaging a broader audience.


Expedited Asset Sharing

Expedited Asset Sharing

Extend the reach and value of your MerlinX DAM with effortless asset distribution to any audience. Content Hubs offer a new way to share select assets internally, cross-departmentally, or externally.

With Content Hubs, you can bring outside collaborators, guests, and partners into your brand or current project, even if they’re not regular users of your DAM. With flexible security options, you can configure Content Hubs to be publicly accessible via link, or require a login.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Content Hubs are fully customizable, providing an easy way to share select content from one branded location. Package your selected assets into a user-friendly portal and deliver a personalized, on-brand experience to your audience.

Content Hubs allow you to share curated collections of assets through a web-based portal that looks and feels like your brand. Streamline content distribution through customized Content Hubs–the easiest way to share an assortment of select assets with anyone.

Content Hubs, in context.

Explore Use Cases

Collaboration: Collaborating cross-departmentally on a project? Segment all associated digital assets into a content hub and share with all contributors.

Media: Distribute event information, news releases, photos and videos to attendees or external media partners.

Marketing Alignment: Ensure marketing and creative teams have access to approved assets for their current campaigns.

Product-Focused: Juggling multiple product lines or preparing for a new launch? Approved collateral can easily be found and distributed from one convenient location.

Sales Enablement: Empower sales teams with an organized location where current sales collateral is readily available.

Brand Identity: Keep brand guidelines, logos, fonts, colors, and templates within reach to maintain brand consistency and promote proper use of brand essentials.


The easiest way to share your assets.

Content Hubs extend the reach of your Merlin DAM, making it easier than ever to share select assets with whoever might need them. Watch the video and see the Magic of Content Hubs in action.

  • Simple UI–no training needed
  • Allow open access or require login
  • Easy to navigate tabs and folders
  • Manage Hubs with simple drag and drop
  • Easily configurable metadata display options
  • Download capability
  • Share direct links to folders in the hub
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