Merlin Video gets even better!

Several years ago, when we looked at our Merlin digital asset management product, we tried to find ways to make it more useful to our customers. Merlin already stored photos of most any format. Merlin also stored PDFs and graphic formats and indexed the information in the text layers for search-ability. We already had a really fast search engine that … Read More

Video Assets Embedded in a Web Page

In a previous blog entitled “HTML5 for Video Assets”, we discussed the most universal formats of video for deployment on the web. I wrote about HTML5, as it applies to video, and discussed the pros and cons of using it instead of what was once considered the most universal format for video on the web – Flash.

Behind Digital Asset Management: Video/Audio Search Technology

As audio and video assets become more commonplace in business and everyday life (YouTube, voicemail, company videos, news media interviews) we recognized a need to make them useful in a digital asset management system. How do you make a video/audio file searchable without paying someone to sit down and type out a transcript

Digital Video Post Workflow: Output NLE Video Assets for Archive

Throughout the digital post-production workflow, we’ve taken the care to make sure that the organization of our digital assets was optimal from the early stage of input through editing. Now it’s time to prepare the media for saving into a video asset management system and to make space for new projects on our local storage.

Digital Video Post Workflow: Editing Your Video Assets

This week we’ll be discussing the editing component of the simplified digital video workflow. If the input stage is the heavy lifting stage, then the edit stage is the creative lifting stage. This is the stage where the final product begins to emerge. As in all stages, organization is the key to an efficient and speedy workflow.

Digital Video Post Workflow: Ingesting Tape-Originated Video Assets

In a past blog, we discussed using video asset management systems to maintain raw video source, today we’ll discuss a simplified digital video workflow. The digital video workflow is split into three basic components: input, editing and output. We’ll start by discussing input, which I believe to be the most important component of the workflow.

Digital Video Assets Past and Future

Last week was NAB 2011. For those of you unfamiliar with NAB, it stands for the National Association of Broadcasters. Held every year in Las Vegas, NAB is the biggest show of the year for companies that build tools for video. All of the biggest players such as Apple, Avid Technology and Sony make their major announcements at NAB.

HTML5 for Video Assets

Like most companies these days, MerlinOne incorporates video into our web presence. If you visit our product video page, you can find different presentations of our products. When you watch them, what you’re looking at is Flash video. Unfortunately, Apple’s mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad do not support Flash. For that reason, I started on a quest for … Read More

Video Asset Management to Maintain Raw Video Source

As a video editor, you learn very quickly that a lot of the heavy lifting in the editing process happens before you even start cutting video. That heavy lifting is the organization of your media. Keeping track of every shot from every tape can be quite daunting, especially when working with many hours of raw source. It is in this … Read More

Video Asset Management – Preparing Video for Deployment

Whether preparing a video for storing in a video asset management system or for deployment on a website, I often hear questions about the best setting for video encoding. Often this question is answered with another question, or a series of questions. Are you being provided with any video specifications? What medium are you encoding the video for? Who is … Read More