Digital Asset Management User Adoption

Sponsored by Henry Stewart, DAM New York 2017 is the world’s largest conference dedicated to digital asset management. The show features experts, experienced archivists, and DAM implementers from a wide range of industries. MerlinOne is fortunate enough to have several of our customers presenting in various panels. User adoption is one of the most commonly-shared challenges companies face as they … Read More

Healthier Lawns and Brighter Walls Through Testing

Just as the lawn must be mowed and walls must be painted, software engineering requires the developers among us to test our software. But development testing doesn’t have to be akin to watching grass grow or paint dry; it can be an integral part of the development process, and in doing so, become quite engaging. What if one of your … Read More

MerlinOne Workflow ESPN

A Great DAM Workflow

The recent Henry Stewart DAM conference in New York featured posters from companies that highlighted their Digital Asset Management workflows. ESPN’s use of their DAM was of particular interest to me perhaps because of my Associated Press wire service background. ESPN is using their cloud-based DAM to centralize their image feeds. The problem they needed to solve was to have … Read More

MerlinONe AI Head Graphic

How AI can enhance the utility of DAM

Every couple weeks lately it seems like another artificial intelligence (AI) milestone is achieved or some impressive AI-driven stunt makes the news. Self-driving cars, computers beating humans at the most complex games of strategy, imitating the style of Rembrandt paintings, even predicting the outcome of a popular TV show are a few AI stories of the past few months. If … Read More

MerlinOne To Show New Release at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference

Quincy, MA, April 27–MerlinOne will showcase the MerlinX version 5.3 release of its digital asset management solution at the Henry Stewart DAM show in New York May 5 – 6. The newest release includes enhanced video editing, a new commenting UI, a powerful workflow engine and an auto-tagging feature. Merlin is based on a modular, plug-in architecture. Every toolbar button, … Read More

What is Digital Asset Management?

While a DAM is an archive, it is also much more than that. An “archive” implies old data. A DAM can contain current data, files that are being actively worked on. It can have workflows that allow for content to be modified, for users to be notified of content being available for approval. A DAM needs to be able to … Read More

6 questions to ask to make sure your DAM data is safe

As a DAM vendor we always make sure that people understand what goes on behind the scenes. Security is something that people should not take for granted. You should ask these questions to your DAM SaaS vendor to make sure that your valuable assets are safe and always available to you. Redundant Architecture – are there at least 2 copies of … Read More

Planning the migration to your new DAM

I have been involved in a lot of data migration in the past few months. There are a few things to consider before beginning the deployment of a new DAM system. It usually takes more effort and time than you realize. Plan realistically. You will need expertise within your own organization in order to successfully implement a new DAM. You … Read More

Foundation fundraising? How can you afford to not have a DAM?

While at the CASE III annual conference I had the opportunity to attend a session on building the framework for a successful university fundraising campaign and it was an eye opener. As one can imagine a multi-million dollar campaign takes years of organization, planning, implementing and nurturing. University foundations, usually independent 501c3 organizations,  work outside and within the university frameworks … Read More