Why Digital Asset Management Systems are the Marketing Pillars of Truth

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

As digital commerce becomes more mainstream, the way that you manage the digital assets under your control will determine your future in the marketplace. You must first organize your assets in a way that allows for easy access. However, you must also learn to leverage the most out of your assets while securing their place in your infrastructure from malicious outside forces. … Read More

The DAM System Adoption Hurdle: Getting Other Users Just as Excited as You Are

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

It is one thing to decide on a new digital asset management (DAM) system – it is quite another to expand the concept into a company-wide solution. Forward thinking firms are using DAM for just that, however, focusing the new process technology on better collaboration and workflow techniques. Despite these obvious advantages, implementing DAM can be troublesome without the appropriate … Read More

3 Ways AI is Morphing Content Marketing Right Now

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

Everyone, everywhere is talking AI this and AI that, but skeptics who think AI is just merely a buzzword have their heads in the sand. According to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It’s more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire.” Steep statement, I know, but when you … Read More

50 Brand Management Trends Every Brand Manager & Marketer Should Know in 2018

By Angela Stringfellow - Last updated

Today, building your brand means understanding the full picture. Not only must you understand the big stuff – marketing trends and channels, for example – but you must also keep your eyes on the changing details: shifting tones, trending expectations, consumer statistics, and other external factors that influence and shape how you present and reform your brand, day by day and … Read More

Appeal to the Senses- Embracing the Power of Video Marketing

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

I think for many marketers, embracing or let me say incorporating video into your marketing strategy sounds a bit daunting. Heck, it does for me too as I always thought it required a large budget, a signed-off script, and a ton of time that, well, I just never seemed to have. However, what I learned last week at Content Marketing … Read More

Merlin Top Performer in Digital Asset Management Category

By David Farrell - Last updated

Quincy, MA April 17- MerlinOne Digital Asset Management solution was ranked as a high performer in the crowd sourced G2 Crowd Spring 2018 report. MerlinOne also won the coveted “Users Love Us Award”. The report, based on the responses of real users, helps businesses make the best digital asset management technology buying decision. “MerlinOne has been recognized as a High … Read More

What is Deaccessioning?

By David Farrell - Last updated

What is Deaccessioning? A DAM Specific Deaccessioning Definition Deaccessioning, now that is a technical term typically not used in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) environment. Have you heard of the term “Deaccessioning” as it relates to the content in your Digital Asset Management system?  It is a term that is well-known to curators of museum collections. It describes the process … Read More

15 Digital Asset Management (DAM) Tips To Get You Started: How DAM Drives Efficiency And Transparency

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

Digital Asset Management (DAM) continues to help organizations across every industry improve efficiency and transparency. But where do you begin if you’re selecting your first DAM system? Or replacing a legacy system? We want to share with you 16 top tips for selecting a DAM system that have helped guide our customers through the DAM selection process. Table of Contents … Read More

Image Editing Tips for Marketers & Publishers: Evolve Your Imaging Workflow

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

Back in the film days workflows involved few people, and very direct communications. A concept would generate an assignment, a “known” photographer would go out and interpret the situation and rolls of film would show up, best case in a day or two. The film would then be sent out to a lab for processing, and a day or two … Read More

Digital marketing best practices guide

By David Farrell - Last updated

How DAM is revolutionizing marketing Evaluating Digital Asset Management Software Vendors: 50 expert insights on how Digital Asset Management is changing the face of marketing. 6 things you need to know to stay ahead of the game in 2018 Understand how consumers are searching for and finding information about brands: The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics How innovators are redefining … Read More