The MerlinOne DAM playing its part at AirVenture 2016

Over 550,000, 10,000 airplanes of all types, 20 photographers and seven days. Oh, and Harrison Ford. About 120,000 frames were made, with about 8,000 edited and added to the EAA Merlin Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. I spent a week recently in Oshkosh at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) annual convention, known as AirVenture 2016. Considered the busiest airspace in … Read More

Sending Photos from iPhone/iPad to the Merlin DAM

From time to time I have had customers ask about sending photos taken by smart phones to their Merlin digital asset management systems. This question has come from our newspaper customers because they have reporters or readers who take photos with their phones and want to get them back to the newspaper.

Managing Digital Photos with Your iPhone: Panoramic Images

A few months ago, I posted a blog about stitching panoramic photos together in Adobe® Photoshop® (read that blog). Although a DSLR and Photoshop are still my preferred tools, I recently found a application (app) that allows me to shoot and stitch my photos on an iPhone with just a couple of clicks. Actually three clicks to be exact: start, … Read More

Photo Management Begins With Capturing the Perfect Shot

It has been nearly a year since my friend Vince and I dragged my wife around Southern Utah and Northern Arizona on a trip we dubbed our photo safari (check out another one of my blogs on the subject of my photo safari). Despite not everything always going to plan, we had a great trip and came back with some … Read More

Managing Digital Photos For Building Panoramas

Last week in our blog, a MerlinOne digital asset management customer and panoramic landscape photographer, Walt Stricklin, wrote about his experience exhibiting his work in China (Read his blog). Walt and I share an interest; I too enjoy shooting panoramas of landscapes. I started shooting panoramas in college, but in those days, the only way I had to stitch the … Read More

Digital Image Archive – Being Prepared While Capturing Digital Photos

A recent public service announcement on one of our local television stations reminded people they should be prepared with several days worth of supplies in the event of an earthquake. Apparently we live near Utah’s Wasatch Fault. That reminded me of The Boy Scout motto; “Be Prepared,” something I had also been reminded of while on a recent vacation.

Digital Photo Management: Choosing a Digital Camera

As a former AP photographer, and someone who still derives income from a photo-related business (digital photo archiving at MerlinOne) I am often asked by friends and family what the best digital camera is. Of course there is no simple answer, but generally, the best camera is the one you are carrying with you.

Digital Photo Management: Sharing Pictures Today is Just So Easy

Sharing Pictures Today is Just So Easy. Here’s some perspective… I have fairly recently submerged myself in social media – Facebook, Twitter, reading lots of blogs, etc., and I can’t help but think, every time I click on a photo link, about how much easier it is today to send or share photographs with people than it was 20 years … Read More