An Introduction to Keywords in MerlinX

MerlinX (MX) provides an exciting and user-friendly approach to keywords with key enhancements to handling and editing. As a member of the Technical Services team I’ve recently observed that this can be a confusing area for new users.   With a few simple guidelines users can employ some Digital Asset Management best practices from the start and can quickly organize data … Read More

What’s Next with MerlinX

MerlinX, our new web client for our Merlin Digital Asset Management product is not even a year old and we have already endowed it with new features and functions. Heading soon to our QA department, I have been given access to the latest version of MerlinX, version 5.1, our new web-based client for Merlin DAM users in advance of it’s … Read More

MerlinOne Developer Chris Carr discusses the technology behind MerlinX

At the Henry Stewart DAM LA show in December 2013, MerlinOne announced MerlinX, our new browser-based digital asset management product. As we prepare to deploy MerlinX to both new and existing customers, we thought we would talk to Chris Carr, the lead developer for MerlinX. Chris joined MerlinOne’s software development team in 1998 and is currently a Senior Software Designer. … Read More

Lots of New Stuff for Henry Stewart DAM Show

In my last post, I alluded to new DAM features that I could not discuss. Now I can. Finally! (I don’t keep secrets very well.) At the Henry Stewart DAM LA show ( MerlinOne will be unveiling our new Merlin web client, Merlin X. It is much more than a redesign. It is a clean sheet, start from scratch, powerful … Read More

Importance of Interface Design

Recently, MerlinOne embarked on some modest “tweaks” to our easy-to-use WebMaster client for our Digital Asset Management solution.  I am not quite ready to reveal the updates we did, but I am excited about them. As we discussed the new features and modest changes to the interface internally, I thought about interface design, and how muscle memory becomes an important … Read More