MerlinOne Brings Facial Recognition with Auto Tagging to DAM

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

New feature is one of several new Deep Learning capabilities to be rolled out from the MerlinAI Suite in 2019 BOSTON, MA, December 17, 2018 (PR NEWSWIRE) – MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) software, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking facial recognition with tagging feature on the Merlin X platform. MerlinOne customers now have the unique ability … Read More

MerlinOne Single page application graphic

The Rise of the Single Page Application

By Cecile - Last updated

A while ago I was asked to evaluate a web based product from another Software Vendor. I won’t elaborate on who the Vendor was, or even what type of Product. Suffice to say that it was a good product, from a reputable Vendor. During the course of my evaluation I was struck with a nagging feeling that while the product … Read More

Browser Technology Helps DAM access: The Ubiquitous Merlin

By Cecile - Last updated

MerlinOne has a long history of ensuring that data stored within its Merlin digital asset management system is readily available to a variety of users. Offering both dedicated client software (for Windows and Mac) and a web browser interface (for a variety of Internet-connected devices), the company is continually investing in technologies that bring Merlin to as many users as … Read More

Leveraging MerlinOne Technology

By Cecile - Last updated

And now for something different: Here are some interesting statistics I received recently in my role as Application Support Manager at MerlinOne: Since January 1, 2012– 22,744 distinct user logins 412,150 total logins Items viewed:  695832 Downloads:  335010 Normally I write about DAM (digital asset management) related topics. This week, my musings are sort of related to the Merlin DAM … Read More

An Olympic-sized event

By Cecile - Last updated

During a staff meeting this week one of my colleagues mentioned that he noted that a MerlinOne customer had received over 5,000 images in an hour. Wow, that’s a lot of pictures to edit. Of course, there is a sporting event in London going on right now, and so it would be expected that there would be an increased amount … Read More

You can lead a horse to water…

By Cecile - Last updated

Recently the Republican National Committee was faulted for their Latino website when it featured a stock photo of Asian children. used a photo obtained from Shutterstock according to a story last week in US News & World Report. Once US News blogged about it, a number of other sites also picked up the story and piled on.  The RNCLatinos … Read More

Merlin WebMaster gets an update…Woo Hoo!

By Cecile - Last updated

Am I excited! I have spent the last few days testing our new WebMaster browser templates. The MerlinOne development team has done a great job of adding new useful functionality to the already easy to use Merlin WebMaster browser client. These changes will make using Merlin to manage digital assets even easier and more powerful at the same time.

Enhancing Digital Asset Management Systems

By Cecile - Last updated

We don’t sit still at MerlinOne. When we see a need for new workflow tools, or when our customers give us ideas for new features we seriously evaluate the suggestions and decide whether and when to incorporate them. We have lots of competing development going on so it is often a balancing act to schedule enhancements to our products.

Merlin 5 Digital Asset Management Client Released

By Cecile - Last updated

Well we did it. We officially released the Merlin 5 client! Many Merlin users have been using some version of the M5 client for some time, and we wanted to spell out what is different about this rev. Years ago we recognized that new operating systems for both Macintosh and Windows would change different core components as the state-of-the-art progressed.