Biggest Productivity Hurdles for Luxury Brand Managers (and How to Overcome Them)

By Angela Stringfellow - Last updated

Brand managers for luxury brands face some unique challenges. Your brand image plays a crucial role in the value perception in the minds of your customers – some might even say your brand identity is everything in the luxury marketplace. It’s what makes consumers willing to spend hundreds of times more for a handbag from Dolce & Gabbana than they’d otherwise … Read More

Appeal to the Senses- Embracing the Power of Video Marketing

By Logan Fleck - Last updated

I think for many marketers, embracing or let me say incorporating video into your marketing strategy sounds a bit daunting. Heck, it does for me too as I always thought it required a large budget, a signed-off script, and a ton of time that, well, I just never seemed to have. However, what I learned last week at Content Marketing … Read More