DAM thought leader Fergal Glynn featured on MarTechExec

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

MerlinOne’s Head of Marketing, Fergal Glynn, was recently featured on the MarTechExec blog. Fergal was highlighted alongside other Digital Asset Management thought leaders on Why Digital Asset Management has Become a Must-Have for Marketing Teams. Taking DAM from Tactical to Strategic Fergal highlights 7 key areas vendors need to focus on in order to mature from being just another file … Read More

The Secret Diary of Sarah Carney – Age 38 3/4 – the cost of not giving a DAM

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

Jan 20. Dear Diary: Our CMO decided that the case study we did on Acme Corp. should finally go live tomorrow, with a special landing page and lots of photos. Sarah ran the photo shoot, but she is not at her desk? Panic! I just realized she is on vacation this week. Had unpleasant meeting with CMO and we will … Read More

In a DAM, Speed is all that Matters

By David Farrell - Last updated

We are all impatient. Especially when sitting in front of a computer: waiting for the answer to your question is just no longer tolerable. We are all used to <1 second response times from Google, and we are mostly OK when the thing we are looking for is on page 5 of the results. Google has trained us, and we … Read More