Digital Archivist Salary: Pay Rates for Digital Asset Managers & Archivists

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

The question “if digital asset managers and digital archivists are key to a successful DAM implementation what are their typical salaries?” got me thinking.  I recently came across an email set by the Henry Stewart DAM conference group. Henry Stewart conferences are a great resource for digital archivists and those wanting to learn all things about DAM and I have … Read More

DAM thought leader Fergal Glynn featured on MarTechExec

By Fergal Glynn - Last updated

MerlinOne’s Head of Marketing, Fergal Glynn, was recently featured on the MarTechExec blog. Fergal was highlighted alongside other Digital Asset Management thought leaders on Why Digital Asset Management has Become a Must-Have for Marketing Teams. Taking DAM from Tactical to Strategic Fergal highlights 7 key areas vendors need to focus on in order to mature from being just another file … Read More

A Social Presence and Maximizing your DAM Experience

By Cecile - Last updated

So you’ve chosen a DAM, you’ve got it filled to the brim with your content, and now it’s time to do something with all those assets. It’s time to craft your social media presence. But where do you start? What will you use? Many companies have already found their niche in the social media world, using targeted campaigns to bring … Read More