“Merlin is a stellar product that we love to use.”

- John Leckie, Executive Producer at World Vision

DAM Case Study with World Vision

Q&A with John Leckie, Executive Producer

Non-profit DAM case study

Merlin recently sat down with John Leckie, Executive Producer to learn more about how Merlin’s non-profit DAM solution has impacted World Vision.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide. Promotion of World Vision’s endeavors through visual media campaigns in print, broadcast, web and social media raises global awareness to humanitarian crises.

Merlin: What are some benefits you’ve experienced with the deployment of MerlinOne at World Vision?

John: Number one is the consistency with the product. I don’t have to worry about system running or should I say not running. This is a very dependable solution which frees me up to concentrate on my job with managing the collection and projects.
Second, I would have to say the system access and availability. As a global non-profit, we have some 2,000 DAM users globally in over a 100 countries. The fact users can instantly upload assets anytime of the day or night without us babysitting or manually monitoring the process is a huge timesaver. Finally, I would have to say since we switched to the MerlinOne hosted SaaS model, it has had a very big positive impact cost-wise in our operations.

Merlin: Is there any feature in the DAM that stands out to make your life easier?

John: I would have to say the Asset Linking Tool. We have a tremendous amount of users coming into the system and being able to link a group of objects together makes it easier for users pulling together the correct elements for a campaign.

Merlin: What has been your overall experience with MerlinOne?

John: You are always there to assist and solve any problem. The relationship is good, you guys constantly reach out to see how we are doing with the solution.

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Case Study Highlights

Download our Nonprofit DAM Case Study to learn more about how World Vision, a client since 1996, has used the MerlinOne DAM to:

  • Make millions of assets accessible to over 2,000 users worldwide
  • Increase collaboration on a global scale
  • Manage a massive asset collection
  • Reduce operational costs
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