“Merlin makes our jobs easier.”

- Jaclyn Cruikshank Vogt, Photo Librarian

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Case Study

Q&A with Jaclyn Cruikshank Vogt, Photo Librarian

Non-Profit DAM Case Study

Merlin recently sat down with Jaclyn Cruikshank Vogt, Photo Librarian to learn more about how Merlin’s Non-profit DAM solution has impacted Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Merlin: What are 3 benefits you’ve experienced since your Merlin DAM was deployed?

Jaclyn: “First I would say the collection is searchable (instead of requiring manually sifting through drawers of uncatalogued negatives, transparencies, and CDs/DVDs)”

“Second, anyone (with the proper rights) can view the collection at any time. MerlinOne DAM is a powerful tool for our organization internally, but also functions as a public-facing resource. Through MerlinX, our photos are available to media entities to illustrate their stories (a plus for agency communication) and allows the public access to part of our collection to more easily meet their requests.”

“Merlin offers us a consolidated publication history of records in the system.”

Merlin: Was there an “Ah-ha” moment when the Merlin DAM helped you the most?

Jaclyn: “When we needed more nuanced permission levels for portions of our collection. While the majority of our photo files can be viewed by anyone online, some of our assets have controlled access. But, we needed more than an on/off kind of approach, and wanted to set multiple layers of photo access. I knew the MerlinOne system was customizable, but didn’t realize just how willing hosted support would be in helping us tailor the system to our specific requirements. Now individual users can more easily access the exact content they need, without compromising our broader control settings.”

Merlin: Who did it have the biggest impact on?

Jaclyn: “Specialized users. Photos that may not otherwise see the light of day because of various restrictions are now visible to a wider audience of end-users.”

Merlin: Was there an important feature that helped you?

Jaclyn: “MerlinOne’s customizability and hosted support team. In this case, filters were written for different file types. Support and development have found ways to enable or roll out nearly every request we’ve made.”

Merlin: How has the Merlin system made your lives easier?

Jaclyn: “The NGPC photo library is a busy place. Internal and external photo requests reach us by phone, email, instant message, postal mail, and in person – frequently within overlapping timeframes, and often with an urgent turn-around time. The analog counterpart of our collection (drawers full of film negatives and transparencies and disks of digital files) is slow and tedious to search. With MerlinOne, what once took days if not weeks – and only with the direct aid of specialized staff – can now be done in seconds by the photo seekers themselves.

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Case Study Highlights

Download our Non-profit DAM Case Study to learn more about how Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has used the MerlinOne DAM to:
  • Increase collaboration
  • Centralize their large asset collection
  • Enhance metadata
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