“MerlinOne’s customer support team is outstanding.”

- Alex V. Cabal, Web Analyst

Make-A-Wish Digital Asset Management Case Study

Q&A with Alex V. Cabal, Web Analyst

Non-Profit DAM Case Study

Merlin recently sat down with Alex V. Cabal, Web Analyst to learn more about how Merlin’s Non-profit Digital Asset Management solution has impacted Make-A-Wish.

Merlin: What have been the biggest benefits of MerlinOne at Make-A-Wish?

Alex: “Allowing chapters to have their own private access to digital assets, while giving them the ability to share or view shared content. Linking assets gives us the ability to view related items easily.
Also, having the ability to share assets to external parties via the Export link function relieves us from the inefficiency of trying to deliver assets via email or other service.”

Merlin: What has been your overall experience with MerlinOne?

Alex: ”I’ve been extremely pleased not only with the MerlinOne solution, but their exceptional customer service. They have consistently communicated with us and have made themselves readily available when needed. I have received calls from them when they detected anomalies on our servers (my IT team was performing maintenance that weekend). They responded promptly to questions, even on weekends.

When system upgrades are forthcoming, I get a preview and an opportunity to get familiar with the changes so I can update documentation and training for my organization. They are also flexible with deployment so that down time is minimized. MerlinOne will periodically check in to gauge how their system is working for us and to ask what they can do better to support us.”

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Case Study Highlights

Download our Non-profit Digital Asset Management Case Study to learn more about how Make-A-Wish has used MerlinOne to:
  • Centralize their asset collection
  • Optimize and manage the upload, use and sharing of assets
  • Find an alternative to Dropbox
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