Top 5 DAM Benefits

Did you ever want a quick list of general DAM benefits? Here’s our list of the Top 5 DAM benefits. We all have digital photos and other assets like PDFs, Word docs, videos, graphics and more on our laptops or phones or tablets, and we do just fine as individuals organizing our the corporate files we create (well, sometimes…). So … Read More

Digital Rights Management (DRM): What is DRM and why does it matter?

Unless you have a huge in-house staff of writers, photographers, videographers, and editors, odds are good some of your content comes from third parties and likely, some of it protected with digital rights management (DRM). These may be stock photo houses, freelancers, news services, video studios, and the like. Each of these third party sources has their own business model, … Read More

DAM vs DropBox vs Box vs CMS… Who needs a DAM?

“I have Dropbox or Box, or we keep files in our CMS. Why do I need a DAM?” That’s a fairly common question, so let’s use old-school analogies to explain this problem. DropBox is like a really big file cabinet: you have a bunch of folders with hopefully clear names, arranged alphabetically, and when you need something in one of … Read More

State Transportation Department Selects Merlin DAM

Quincy, MA June 15 – MerlinOne is pleased to announce that the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (OKDOT) has selected the Merlin Digital Asset Management System to organize their multimedia content. Since 1911, Oklahoma Department of Transportation employees have worked to provide a safe, economical and effective transportation network for the people, commerce, and communities of Oklahoma. Merlin is a full-featured … Read More

Digital Asset Management User Adoption

Sponsored by Henry Stewart, DAM New York 2017 is the world’s largest conference dedicated to digital asset management. The show features experts, experienced archivists, and DAM implementers from a wide range of industries. MerlinOne is fortunate enough to have several of our customers presenting in various panels. User adoption is one of the most commonly-shared challenges companies face as they … Read More

Merlin DAM Helps Energy Company with Marketing Outreach

Quincy, MA April 2 – MerlinOne is pleased to announce that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has selected the Merlin Digital Asset Management System to organize their multi-media content for their marketing and community outreach. SMUD, based in Sacramento, CA, is a community-owned and not-for-profit, innovative electric company servicing their community for more than six decades. As the nation’s … Read More

The Las Vegas Review-Journal Selects Merlin DAM

Quincy, MA, March 6 – The Las Vegas Review-Journal has selected the MerlinOne SaaS solution to manage its local, wire and archived images. As part of the project, legacy content documenting years of the desert town’s history will be available in one searchable digital asset management system. Merlin will serve as the publication’s picture desk and archive; a repository of … Read More

HIPAA-compliant DAM

What does HIPAA compliance have to do with Digital Asset Management?

HIPAA is an acronym you have certainly been exposed to during any recent doctor’s visit: they ask you to sign a page that says you understand how they protect the privacy of your health information. It stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,” which was signed into law in 1996. Among other things, it and its later companion … Read More

Merlin DAM Scores an “A” rating in Customer Satisfaction

Quincy, MA Jan 18 – MerlinOne Digital Asset Management solution was ranked as a high performer in the crowd sourced G2 Crowd Winter 2017 report. The report helps businesses make the best digital asset management technology buying decision. MerlinOne stood out of the crowd as the only company to score 100% in the Ease of Doing Business category. “Making sure … Read More

The Four C’s of DAM

There’s a familiar parable about some men and an elephant. You’ve almost certainly heard it before: these guys approach an elephant in the pitch black night to figure out what it might be. One finds the leg and decides it’s a tree, another feels the trunk, another the tail, another a tusk. Each decides that the elephant is something different … Read More