49 Must-Read Branding Blogs for Marketers & Brand Management Professionals

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If you’re a marketer who is looking to brush up on all things branding related, then we have good news. There’s a wealth of ultra-helpful, current, and free content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – even when you’re far away from your office. These days, many branding blogs are offering up valuable information on all aspects of the branding universe, including everything from cutting-edge digital solutions to branding strategy development and brand positioning, expert insights on leveraging brand assets, product reviews, and more.

Because it’s not always convenient to hit up every major brand management and marketing conference throughout the year, branding blogs are your go-to for keeping up with the latest insights in between those all-important networking events. And because we know your time is valuable, we took care of the heavy lifting and compiled a list of 50 must-read branding blogs so you can stay on top of your game, including:

Keep reading to find out why these top branding blogs are on our daily reading list – and why you might want to add them to yours.

Brand Strategy Blogs

1. BrandStruck Blog


BrandStruck’s blog pulls no punches when it comes to delivering thoughtful, well-informed, and super useful info on all things brand strategy. In addition to featuring news and case studies, the blog has also added quizzes to help you double-check or even formulate your own strategy from scratch.

Three posts we like from the BrandStruck Blog:

2. Brand Channel

Brand Channel

Interbrand’s Brand Channel is a comprehensive brand strategy site offering stacks of useful content, including breaking brand news, comprehensive glossaries, and groundbreaking interviews from the most powerful executives in the business. For some seriously inspiring Q&As, be sure to check out the 5 Questions section.

Three posts we like from Brand Channel:

3. The Brand Guy Blog

the brand guy

Richard Sauerman, better known by his alias, “The Brand Guy,” is an Australian branding powerhouse who travels around the world, giving lectures on the most cutting-edge, yet common-sense branding strategies. His blog/vlog is chock-full of everything from funny anecdotes on working in the marketing world to hard-hitting pieces that are so direct, you’ll have to read them yourself to believe them.

Three posts we like from The Brand Guy Blog:

4. Brand Insight Blog

brand insight blog

BN Branding’s Brand Insight Blog provides a well-rounded set of literature for all branding professionals, no matter how far along in their career they may be. The blog features well-written pieces that focus in on every facet of well-practiced strategy, from logos to specialized small business branding, positioning, and beyond.

Three posts we like from the Brand Insight Blog:

5. Branding and Marketing Blog

branding and marketing

Having operated for over 12 years, the branding strategy resource mainstay, Branding and Marketing Blog, has been around a long time for a reason – it brings simple, consistent information to professionals who rely on it the most. The best part? The blog goes beyond news and editorials by providing helpful checklists, resource lists, and valuable how-tos.

Three posts we like from the Branding and Marketing Blog:

6. Branding Strategy Insider

branding strategy insider

Branding Insider Strategy is a site that features articles from some of the most impactful thought leaders working in the field of branding today. Features focus on a wide range of in-depth topics, such as brand psychology, innovative positioning techniques, and beneficial insight into customer experience.

Three posts we like from Branding Strategy Insider:

7. Branding Strategy Source

branding strategy source

Branding Strategy Source, a blog written by international brand strategy consultant Brad VanAuken, serves up practical information on branding. Each post de-mystifies at least one aspect of branding and even provides helpful tools that streamline campaign organization and research.

Three posts we like from Branding Strategy Source:

8. Brian Solis

brian solis

Brian Solis, the preeminent authority on digital analysis, graciously provides plenty of free content to his followers. Much of what he writes about tackles the deepest questions that cross the minds of marketers, like how to reflect social issues in campaigns, thoughts on disruptive technologies, and, most often, what campaigns will look like in the future.

Three posts we like from Brian Solis:

9. Craig McBreen

craig mcbreen

Branding expert Craig McBreen has jam-packed his blog with handy how-tos and tips lists that can act as smart guides for marketers of all disciplines, especially those working on the digital end. His content can also serve as a valuable asset for anyone attempting to build strategy, from the ground up.

Three posts we like from Craig McBreen:

10. Duct Tape Marketing Blog

duct tape marketing

Duct Tape Marketing’s Blog contains a treasure trove of articles that cover cutting-edge content strategies, honest advice for startups, all things SEO-related, and even work-life balance advice specifically curated for marketers and branding experts. For even more useful info, be sure to check out the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Three posts we like from the Duct Tape Marketing Blog:

11. Igor Naming Agency Blog

igor name blog

Igor Naming Agency is a boutique operation that helps brands make informed naming choices, a process which includes competitive analysis, positioning, name/brand development, and trademark. Unsurprisingly, the firm’s blog is loaded with in-depth articles on the art that is brand naming.

Three posts we like from the Igor Naming Agency Blog:

12. Kaye Putnam

kate putnam

Kaye Putnam is a brand expert who takes a holistic look at her clients’ most pressing marketing questions. Because she has a background in psychology as well as marketing, her blog is filled with plenty of useful posts that prompt entrepreneurs to think deeply about their brand’s intentions so that they can make smarter strategic decisions.

Three posts we like from Kaye Putnam:

13. Marketoonist


For over 20 years, Tom Fishburne, the chief cartoonist and founder of Marketoonist, has been crafting comic strip-style cartoons that often feature a self-deprecating view of the marketing world. After sending these nuggets of original humor to his colleagues for years, he has since gone on to include his cartoons in campaigns for some of the large global companies around. Marketoonit’s blog is brimming with insightful strategy-based insider posts on the biggest branding triumphs and misses. Of course, each post also features its own cartoon!

Three posts we like from Marketoonist:

14. Mark DiSomma

mark disomma

Mark DiSomma is a New Zealand-based brand strategist who focuses on several different niche disciplines, including the commercialization of brands, the importance of brand culture, and the development of stories and content. His blog delves deep into the ways that brands benefit from powerful, individualized storytelling.

Three posts we like from Mark DiSomma:

15. Ryan Foland

ryan foland

Similar to the Marketoonist, business and branding expert Ryan Foland uses the power of cartoons to punctuate his informed views on the ever-changing world of marketing. His blog features posts that center around the teamwork and collective fortitude it takes to create a powerful strategy.

Three posts we like from Ryan Foland:

16. Seth Godin

Seth Godin

If you’re a marketing or branding expert who doesn’t follow Seth Godin’s ridiculously popular blog, then you are seriously missing out on some of the most honest, insightful information around. Not every one of these articles focuses specifically on strategy, but each and every one does include worthwhile information that can be used to strengthen any brand.

Three posts we like from Seth Godin:

17. Story Needle

story needle

As the name suggests, Story Needle covers topics that are meant to strengthen the threads of the stories that marketers tell. The author of the blog, Michael Andrews, specializes in metadata content management for all sorts of brands.

Three posts we like from Story Needle:

Personal Branding Blogs

18. Amanda Miller Littlejohn

amanda miller littlejohn

Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an expert personal branding consultant whose signature talent is finding the “genius” in her clients. As a writer, Littlejohn has a particularly clever voice whose content centers around the emotional, financial, and strategic facets that must come together when building a unique personal brand.

Three posts we like from Amanda Miller Littlejohn:

19. Serif & Sans

Serif and sans

Design agency Serif & Sans has a well-rounded design and branding blog that features everything a marketing or branding professional would want to know, like boosting SEO, logo strategies, and even in-depth brand identity histories.

A post we like from Serif & Sans:

20. Amy Landino

amy landino

On Amy Landino’s blog, the social media superstar shares her experiences of how she continues to grow her personal brand against the backdrop of changing algorithms, trends, and customer experiences. As a bonus, most posts include video portions that bring forth even further insight into how she uses digital mediums to connect with her audience.

Three posts we like from Amy Landino:

21. Cynthia Johnson

cynthia johnson

When it comes to experience in the marketing world, it doesn’t get much more impressive than Cynthia Johnson. Over the years, she’s worked in a variety of roles for some of the biggest digital marketing behemoths around, but now Johnson has shifted her focus almost entirely to the realm of personal branding. Her blog mainly consists of giveaways and bold promotional materials that serve as inspiration for many personal branding journeys.

Three posts we like from Cynthia Johnson:

22. Dan Schawbel

dan schawbel

Dan Schawbel, a preeminent branding expert who has been dubbed “the Millennial version of Tom Peters,” is a particularly giving figure when it comes to content sharing. The long-time marketer and best-selling author has a variety of posts on his blog that answer all of the questions any entrepreneur might have about building and maintaining their personal brand. As a bonus, the blog includes episodes of Schawbel’s popular podcast, too!

Three posts we like from Dan Schawbel:

23. Emmelie De La Cruz

emmelie de la cruz

Influencer and personal branding guru Emmelie De La Cruz operates on a simple motto: “Your whole life can be a business if you have the model and the marketing to make it happen.” Her blog posts display an accurate portrayal of how social media can be used as an incredible monetization tool. A must-read for any entrepreneur who wants to hear from someone who has their finger on the pulse of all things current.

Three posts we like from Emmelie De La Cruz:

24. Jane Anderson

jane anderson

Veteran personal branding expert Jane Anderson shares her breadth of experience and hidden tricks of the trade with you on her innovative blog. What we love most about her content model is that she uses real-life examples from celebrities, the media, and globally-recognized brands to support her valuable insight.

Posts we like from Jane Anderson:

25. Jenna Kutcher

jenna kutcher

Influencer, professional photographer, and branding maven Jenna Kutcher has built one of the most loyal followings around by simply blogging about her mid-20s career change. Kutcher regularly updates her blog and has made it her mission to use her talents to educate the masses on the power of personal branding. To sweeten the deal, Kutcher regularly invites other branding experts to add fresh perspectives.

Three posts we like from Jenna Kutcher:

26. Leonard Kim

leonard kim

Leonard Kim’s TEDx Talk, “Let Your Fear Guide You,” was one that struck a chord with many entrepreneurs, especially young ones who were still searching for a way to form and market their identities. His blog features a treasure trove of valuable advice, from common sense job-seeking tips all the way to in-depth views on personal branding psychology.

Three posts we like from Leonard Kim:

27. Neil Patel

neil patel

Neil Patel’s mission is to help his clients grow their website traffic, but what makes him most interesting is his keen insight on all things personal branding. Patel’s blog features long-form articles that take an in-depth, step-by-step approach that most others don’t.

Three posts we like from Neil Patel:

28. Personal Branding Blog

Personal Branding Blog

Millennial Branding’s Personal Branding Blog delivers dozens upon dozens of informative articles under the categories of skill development, networking, job search, workplace success, entrepreneurship, and career resources. It serves as a great refuge for those who have specific, pinpointed questions on these topics.

Three posts we like from the Personal Branding Blog:

29. Selena Soo

selena soo

Selena Soo “helps experts, authors, and coaches go from ‘hidden gem’ to admired industry leader…and even household name.” Her specialized personal branding coaching and strategies have propelled her clients to new professional heights. Follow Selena’s candid advice, and you’ll find yourself on that same path to success.

Three posts we like from Selena Soo:

International Branding Practices and News

30. Adweek

Ad Week

All marketing professionals are familiar with this long-standing publication, but many forget that Adweek has a section that focuses specifically on brand marketing. There, you can read all of the latest and greatest of how competing brands are planning on portraying themselves as they move into the future.

Three posts we like from Adweek:

31. Ad Age

ad age

Ad Age is an advertising and marketing business news site that routinely breaks stories and doles out insider info to its dedicated following. Looking for a place to read the latest on the most influential brands, especially the biggest players in digital? Ad Age is your news source.

Three posts we like from Ad Age:

32. Beneath the Brand

Beneath the Brand

Beneath the Brand covers “the changing world of branding,” aggregating coverage of major brands’ branding decisions, such as the comeback of the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, the Girl Scouts’ attention to its gluten-free customer base, and more from publications like Fortune and Fast Company. If you’re looking for a way to stay on top of the latest branding moves in the major markets, this is a must-read.

Three posts we like from Beneath the Brand:

33. Big Red Rooster Blog

big red rooster

Business consulting company, Big Red Rooster, has a sleek branding blog that regularly posts the hottest happenings in the marketing world. Though it does an impressive job of reporting, the design insights, in particular, are something that readers continually come back for.

Three posts we like from the Big Red Rooster Blog:

34. Brandingmag

branding mag

Brandingmag’s online offerings go deep into all facets of today’s brands, like keeping up relevance in the ever-changing digital landscape, predicting trends, and streamlining customer experience. All articles are thoughtful and well-informed, and most are written by the industry experts who know the topics best.

Three posts we like from Brandingmag:

35. Brandsfun


India-based Brandsfun describes itself as a “brands hangout.” It’s a positive, easy-to-navigate blog that does a wonderful job of curating some of the biggest news trends seen in the international branding world. For streamlined branding advice, be sure to check out the ‘Resources’ section.

Three posts we like from Brandsfun:

36. Business 2 Community

business 2 community

Business 2 Community features a range of trending brand-related topics, including digital and social news, sales and marketing insights, business and finance, and, of course, opinions and perspectives from brand leaders in the BrandViews section.

Three posts we like from Business 2 Community:

37. Campaign


The digital version of the UK-based Campaign is one of our favorite resources for marketing and branding insights. It covers the latest marketing campaigns that are making the most waves on a global scale, making it a go-to for those who like to be in the know.

Three posts we like from Campaign:

38. The Drum

the drum

The Drum offers an informed, current take on its ‘Brand News’ section. There, you will find many important moments in brands’ evolutions, from an insightful examination of strategies to in-depth analyses of some of the most effective branding campaigns around.

Three posts we like from The Drum:

39. Marketing Magazine

marketing mag

Australia’s Marketing Magazine provides a well-balanced mix of breaking brand news, insightful interviews, and provocative opinion pieces.

Three posts we like from Marketing Magazine:

40. MediaPost’s Marketing Daily

media post

MediaPost’s Marketing Daily delivers the latest news on all of the newest trends in marketing and branding as they relate to the digital sphere. A great digest for brand strategists looking to broaden their view on the comings and goings of the most popular global brands.

Three posts we like from MediaPost’s Marketing Daily:

41. World Branding Forum

World Branding Forum

World Branding Forum is yet another news source that provides plenty of breaking stories on the most interesting movers and shakers in the marketing world. For a more thorough look, check out the Campaigns and Design sections.

Three posts we like from World Branding Forum:

Design and Packaging Inspiration

42. BP&O

bp and o

BP&O’s founder and editor, Richard Baird, has created a comprehensive blog that examines complex brand identities and packaging trends. The gorgeous site includes photographs and stories about some of the boldest brand design choices happening now.

Three posts we like from BP&O:

43. Brand New

Brand New

Under Consideration’s Brand New blog features logo and identity profiles that compare the details of the brands with their chosen looks and feels. What results are fascinating case studies that serve as great models for anyone who works in brand management or marketing, as well as for those who are intrigued by what goes into a brand’s identity.

Three posts we like from Brand New:

44. The Design Blog


The Design Blog offers plenty of inspiration for any brand management or marketing pro. Posts include crisp images detailing the evolution of brands’ packaging and overarching design identities. You’ll never get bored reading The Design Blog, as each day of the week has its own themes in addition to the regular daily inspiration. Mondays, for example, feature a Designer of the week, Quote of the week, and a Featured Video, and you can celebrate the end of the workweek with Friday Freebies.

Three posts we like from The Design Blog:

45. The Dieline


The Dieline’s design blog regularly celebrates the most groundbreaking design achievements in the branding world, no matter how big or small they may be. Each post comes with plenty of beautiful shots along with commentary from the designers and branding experts themselves.

Three posts we like from The Dieline:

46. Identity Designed


ID Designed’s mission is to “showcase brand identities from around the world.” Their comprehensive (and meticulously put-together) blog reveals all of the artwork and design choices attached to featured companies across sectors such as food and drink, leisure and tourism, music, healthcare, and more – giving you a comprehensive look at how design choices can impact brands.

Three posts we like from Identity Designed:

47. Lovely Package

Lovely Package

Lovely Package has been curating the very best in packaging design since 2008. By browsing their archives, branding professionals get a unique look at how long-running brands, in particular, have been able to communicate their identity with clever design and packaging implements that continue to engage consumers.

Three posts we like from Lovely Package:

48. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love features brands who manage to stay relevant through innovative logo designs. We love the Style Guides section, a collection of identity style guides from around the world – an excellent resource for any branding pro in the process of creating a style guide to ensure brand consistency.

Three posts we like from Logo Design Love:

49. The Logo Smith’s Logo and Design Blog

Logo and Design Blog

Graham Smith of The Logo Smith is one of the industry’s best, so it’s not surprising that his blog is jam-packed with valuable logo and design news and reviews, from oddities to case studies. Additionally, Smith does a great job of tackling the issue of brand identity and how it can be best communicated through logos and packaging choices.

Two posts we like from The Logo Smith’s Logo and Design Blog:

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