Benefits of DAM Software for a Corporation

    • Manage Assets
      Digital asset management software is necessary for organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permissions.
    • Centralized Environment
      A centralized DAM provides a single platform for users to preserve, share, version, or expire assets with the knowledge that everything lives in one place and can be easily located.
    • Brand Management
      A DAM is critical in maintaining control of your brand identity. You always know that the correct logo, corporate image or document is the one your users see.
    • Maximize Asset Control
      Rights management or asset usage compliance is critical. Knowing when and how you can use an asset can save you an unwanted lawsuit.  Model releases can be attached to files for rights management. Sensitive material may be restricted for certain uses. Asset with limited usage rights can be set to expire.
    • Reduction in Duplicative Assets
      A DAM system helps in the reduction of duplicate photos and other assets. Without the deployment of a centralized system, there is no way to avoid or even know if there are multiple copies of the same file
    • Track how and where Assets are used
      With a DAM solution, you know who is using what file and where they are using it. You can get a report on popular searches or downloads so you know what are interested in.
    • Shared Environment
      A major benefit of a centralized DAM solution is creating an easily accessed shared environment. Instead of sharing assets through drives, disc media, ftp drops, or email, users can quickly locate assets, put them in marketing campaigns  and share cross departments or offices (no matter if across the hall or around the world).
    • Collaborative Workflows
      Collaborative workflows are a huge benefit with a DAM. Depending on your role of marketer, creative, photo editor or media editor, the campaign elements can be accessed, edited, versioned, approved then distributed in a repeatable workflow process.
    • Efficient Back-up of Data
      Data security problems are eliminated with a secure DAM system. A central repository can be easily backed-up. Access privileges are maintained. If you choose a SaaS model, your vendor should be keeping multiple copies of your data.


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