Announcing MX Basic- A New UI Experience for Occasional & Mobile Users

BOSTON, MA, January 1, 2018 — MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management software, today announced MX Basic UI, a simplified, streamlined interface made specifically for casual users or those on the go. MX Basic grants express access to user’s crucial digital assets with a simple navigation.

As the demand for vast and dynamic content continues to grow, teams are struggling to effectively manage their digital assets and content workflow across departments and between many different user types. MX Basic is specifically designed  to make the process of accessing content faster and easier for any Merlin user, but particularly for those who don’t have to have constant access to the full featured Merlin DAM.

The MX Basic UI enables users to:

  • Browse assets in layouts designed for different purposes
  • Rapidly filter search results
  • Easily output single or multiple assets
  • Intuitively drag and drop assets to upload
  • Quickly update metadata on the fly
"With the massive influx of digital content, teams are becoming way less siloed then they used to. Our customers are looking for ways to make their day-to-day jobs less complicated. While a full-featured digital asset management system can certainly help to streamline the content management process, we’ve found some of our users may use the DAM less frequently or be in transit, therefore are not in the need of every tool within the DAM toolbox all the time. This is exactly why we created MX Basic, to give a more simplified interface for those who use the DAM a bit more simply."
- Logan Fleck, Marketing Director, MerlinOne

MX Basic will be available as a built in capability for all Merlin X users. Contact to learn more about the feature and the setup process.

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