Merlin Adobe CC (Creative
Cloud) Integration

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What You’ll Get

  • Easy installation and configuration with no technical expertise required
  • Fast access your whole team can rely on
  • Merlin's powerful search, saved search, and collections let you locate the perfect asset for your project without ever leaving your creative environment
  • Asset performance history provides a comprehensive picture of asset value

The MerlinX Extension for the Adobe Creative Cloud applications maximizes the value of your assets in Merlin through enterprise access and reuse.

How it works.

adobe cC creative cloud connector. merlinone

Your Merlin DAM is the single source of truth for assets within your organization and that is made instantly available to all your creative teams, whether it's publishing, web design, video production, photography, or graphics illustration.

  • Merlin's powerful and innovative search helps you locate the right content instantly
  • Merlin's collections help you locate organized content instantly


Working in InDesign


  • InDesign users have instant access to assets in the Merlin DAM through the MerlinX Extension
  • Merlin's powerful search functionality and collections help users instantly locate the right assets for use in an InDesign document
  • Drag and drop selected assets and place them directly into your InDesign document from the MerlinX Extension
  • Save the InDesign project to Merlin as a new asset or a version of the original for easy modification or reuse in the future. The project file maintains the links to the original items in Merlin.
  • When a Merlin asset in an InDesign document is versioned in Merlin, the user is automatically notified of the changes.

By accessing source content from Merlin, a user can be assured that the content is the most recent and approved content for use.


Working in Photoshop

  • Use the MerlinX Extension in Photoshop to instantly locate the image you want in your Merlin DAM with Merlin's powerful and innovative search and collection tools
  • Selected asset(s) can be opened directly into Photoshop as a new image, or checked out of Merlin for versioning
  • Images processed in Photoshop can be saved back to Merlin as a new asset or as a version of the original

Working in Illustrator


  • With the MerlinX Extension, graphic designers can search Merlin directly from their Illustrator environment to instantly locate the right image or illustration for incorporation in their project
  • When done, Illustrator files can be saved directly to Merlin for easy modification or reuse in the future

Working in Premiere Pro

  • Video editors/producers use the MerlinX Extension in Premiere Pro to quickly locate the desired images, graphics, or video clips in Merlin
  • Merlin asset(s) are imported directly to the Premiere Pro media bin for placement on the video project timeline
  • Streamline production processes and lower production costs through effective reuse of existing assets

Under the Hood-Technical Information

The Adobe Creative Cloud control panel manages the installation and updating of the MerlinX extension.

Product Minimum Version
MerlinX 6.0.2
Photoshop CC (2018) 19.0 - (2022) 23.0
InDesign CC (2015) 11.0 - (2022) 17.0
Illustrator CC (2015) 19.0 - (2022) 26.0
Premiere Pro CC (2017) 15.0 - (2022) 22.0
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