A Social Presence and Maximizing your DAM Experience

So you’ve chosen a DAM program, you’ve got it filled to the brim with your digital assets, and now it’s time to do something with all those assets. It’s time to craft your social media presence. But where do you start? What will you use? Many companies have already found their niche in the social media world, using targeted campaigns to bring their message to the people. There’s a lot of options out there but here are a few good places to go.

The All-Purpose Favorite: Facebook

Facebook has made the world into one giant content stream. Pictures, videos, messages, articles: all are ways to reach your followers and share your message with the world. Put your digital asset solution to use. Facebook is more than just connecting with high school friends; it’s become a place where companies can establish their brand and reach out to their users. But make sure to add content that isn’t just about your business, using this sharing platform to spark discussions on topics important to your company values. Make your page a conversation with others, encourage feedback, post other people’s smart ideas, and make your events real for people on the other side of the globe by posting pictures and videos from your events.

Connect with Fans and Users Alike: Twitter

This character-limited giant has been hugely influential in the past 5 years, allowing users to follow the updates of their favorite celebrities, get in touch with customer service quickly and easily, and helping small issues become major trends. It’s also become a major focus for advocacies and causes, stirring up debate and engaging powerful people with big ideas. Are you a news media site? Try a live tweet of a noteworthy event with your own pictures. A non-profit? Grow your base and use digital media assets get RTs to spread your message far and wide. Government? Quickly alert your constituencies about developing situations on the go. And for those of you who love metadata (and who doesn’t?), use hashtags to link your content with national trends or create some trends of your own.

For Those Who Want to See the World Act: YouTube

There are many platforms that support video but YouTube is the original video site, sharing content from small-time web series to those adorable sleepy cat videos that we can’t stop watching. If you have video content that powerfully delivers your message, you want to make sure that it’s accessible and that’s where YouTube shines. Create your channel and playlists, provide exclusive web video content and allow users to subscribe to your content so that it’s right up front next time they log in. Seeing and hearing are powerful motivators; they draw people into conversations and stories in a way that words alone can’t evoke. So make the most of it! Use your video assets and show people what they should be seeing!

Here at MerlinOne we believe in an active, progressive social media strategy to connect with our customers and show the world what we can do. Our customers in turn use our products to directly interact with these social media sites right from Merlin. So open that browser and do your research. Start with our in-house expert’s guide to our social media export tools. This article highlights Make-A-Wish, one of Merlin’s customers using social media to great effect. Bring your content to social media and make social media work for you.

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