The Top 3 Most Important DAM Integrations

The most important Digital Asset Management integrations do more than save time and increase workflow productivity. DAM integrations supercharge your business.

When people think of DAMs, they think of secure asset storage and retrieval – that is, an important company asset which is safely stored for later retrieval and use. But often, the systems we use to store and retrieve an asset are entirely different platforms than where we actually use them. What if storage, retrieval, and use of your marketing, PR, or internal assets could all be done from one digital hub?

Let’s look at the three most important DAM Integrations that save time, money, and simplify the process so your enterprise can get back to what it does best without headaches and costly hassles.

Digital Asset Management Integrations

  1. CMS – Content Management System

DAM integration with your content management system is one of the most important DAM integrations. Team members can access assets for digital publication and add them directly to websites and blogs without additional steps of downloading and reuploading. With MerlinOne’s wide range of solutions, all team members work within one, consistently organized, easily searched, and up-to-date asset library.

MerlinOne offers numerous simple to use and scalable DAM/CMS integration software solutions, including:

  1. Design Software

Design teams frequently collaborate on complex projects in Adobe CC using both Photoshop and InDesign. These projects often rely on numerous photos, clipart, and other assets. What’s more, many of these assets are in varying stages of collaboration and revision. Integration of your DAM with Adobe CC ensures that all team members are working with the latest file versions within one streamlined user interface.

With MerlinOne’s Adobe CC Connector, your entire team can easily search, retrieve, and save assets all from one fully integrated interface. What’s more, you track history, save searches, and manage rights all in one place easily and without technical work required.

  1. All in One Social Media Software

Hootsuite is a fantastic way to have all your social media channels in one place. Planning, scheduling, publishing, and reporting are vital attributes of a tool such as Hootsuite. Imagine having all your DAM contents within Hootsuite. You’re able to pull directly from your DAM and use the assests directly on your social media outlets.

Poor Metadata Slowing Down Your DAM Integration Workflow?

Most DAM systems rely on complex and often inconsistent metadata tags to store and retrieve your images. MerlinOne’s proprietary NOMAD™ AI Pure Visual Search DAM solution system provides you the ability to retrieve your images with a simple description of the image.

Contact MerlinOne for Your DAM Solutions

Since 1988, MerlinOne has recognized the need for more robust, simplified Data Asset Management. Today, ourNOMAD™ solution uses advanced AI, allowing you to search your image assets without relying only on metadata, using only simple descriptions. MerlinOne also provides numerous DAM integration solutions tailored to your individual needs, ensuring your team gets the right assets quickly and efficiently every time.

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