10 Reasons to get a Digital Asset Management Solution


  1. You have produced tons of digital assets and simply can’t find the one you need.
  2. You have no control of who is using your images or multimedia and need to rights manage it.
  3. Departments in your organization have different silos of data making it confusing and hard to find anything.
  4. You need to make sure the correct version of an image or your brand is the one that is always available.
  5. You have photographers in the field and they need to quickly get their images to you for editing and distribution.
  6. You need a fast way to share your images or videos to social media.
  7. You need a way to store and find your raw images.
  8. You want to search your videos by the spoken words and start to play them where the word was spoken.
  9. You want to search your graphics and maps by their content.
  10. You want to track the usage of your digital assets.


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