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Best practices and information on digital asset management.

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  • HIPAA-compliant DAM Whitepaper
    HIPAA-compliant DAM FAQ
    What is Merlin Compliance? Merlin Compliance is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for companies with a regulatory requirement to keep their data in a...
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  • DAM Security Whitepaper
    DAM and Cybersecurity - What you need to know to be protected
    If a DAM is the system that you will use to house your company’s digital intellectual property, cybersecurity is likely an important topic to...
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  • SaaS vs In-house DAM Whitepaper
    SaaS DAM (Hosted) Systems Versus In-House DAM
    Software systems now come in two flavors: a. You can do the traditional thing,which is buy some hardware,buy a license for the software, and run...
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  • Selecting a DAM Whitepaper
    Selecting a DAM - Things to Consider
    Things to consider when selecting a DAM. Can a DAM (Digital Asset Management system) save you money? In our experience, the answer to this question...
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  • HIPAA-Compliant DAM for Healthcare
    HIPAA-compliant DAM for Healthcare FAQ
    HIPAA is probably a term you have heard when visiting your doctor or pharmacy. It is an acronym for the "Health Insurance Portability and...
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