It’s the content, stupid. Just ask GoPro if you don’t believe me. Or Red Bull.

When GoPro went public last year their IPO filings revealed the company’s ambition to leverage the success of their hardware business to enable “GoPro to become an exciting new media company.” Content created with the company’s popular action cameras is the centerpiece of GoPro’s marketing strategy. With nearly 3.2 million subscribers to the company’s YouTube channel, more than 8.8 million “likes” … Read More

Keep Calm and DAM IT with Merlin Workflow Engine

Have you ever thought about how you could improve your Digital Asset Management experience. Do you currently have to manage workflow in multiple places or applications that don’t talk to each other? Would you like to wave your (Merlin)  magic wand so that users are empowered to more easily manage and use your important digital content? Well, that day has … Read More

It’s all about the DAM Workflow‏

For years MerlinOne has been providing high availability, high performance Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that have been fulfilling the needs of our customers; increasing their productivity, and making their lives easier.  Over the years, those needs have been growing in order to keep up with ever expanding technologies, and services that are increasingly integrated and connected. In order to … Read More