Is it hard to manage
your marketing content?

Take back control of your digital assets

Get to market faster when your digital content is in one place

Centralize your marketing assets inside of Merlin’s DAM and reduce content development time. Empower your creative and marketing teams to work faster and smarter. Because everyone is happier when content gets to market faster.

Centralize and integrate

If thousands of your assets live on hard drives, servers, cloud drives, or inside file cabinets, a DAM brings them all together into one place.

Get instant insight into what assets you have available, then easily use them in the right places.

Collaboration & control

Bring all of your teams into the DAM. They’ll save time by finding what they need on their own. You’ll be able to control who sees what assets and how they are shared.

Make production content available only to certain teams, while allowing the entire organization to access brand assets and completed campaigns.

Get to market faster

No one is creating any less content than they did last year. A DAM helps you keep it all organized and useful. Get insight into your content lifecycle.

One-click publishing to social media, a CMS, and other channels keeps your marketing team running like a well-oiled machine.

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