How a DAM Can Help Marketing Leaders Unite Teams

As a marketing leader or CMO, does it get harder for you to share and collaborate on content each year, or easier? Many marketing teams are decentralized and even if they aren’t physically separated themselves, the teams and agencies they collaborate with are. How do you share lots of content between these groups? I mean, LOTS OF CONTENT, not a … Read More

Save time with a DAM!

To most users of a DAM, saving time is the most apparent benefit. You are on deadline. It is an important project and everyone is relying on you. When you started you felt sure there was plenty of time, and you were going to do a great job. Today, not so much. The first image you needed was the original … Read More

Top 5 DAM Benefits

Did you ever want a quick list of general DAM benefits? Here’s our list of the Top 5 DAM benefits. We all have digital photos and other assets like PDFs, Word docs, videos, graphics and more on our laptops or phones or tablets, and we do just fine as individuals organizing our the corporate files we create (well, sometimes…). So … Read More

DAM vs DropBox vs Box vs CMS… Who needs a DAM?

“I have Dropbox or Box, or we keep files in our CMS. Why do I need a DAM?” That’s a fairly common question, so let’s use old-school analogies to explain this problem. DropBox is like a really big file cabinet: you have a bunch of folders with hopefully clear names, arranged alphabetically, and when you need something in one of … Read More

5 things to know about Analytics with Digital Asset Management

So, you have a Digital Asset Management system and you’ve been using it for a while. The list of things you probably want to know includes such things as who is using the assets in the DAM, where are they being published, and who is uploading assets into the DAM. You may want to be able to find out more … Read More

Managing the Digital Marketing Flood with DAM

The good old days of Marketing Marketing back when I first got into it in the early 90s was about creating a shiny dynamic online brochure called a website, making very expensive magazine ads, building spiffy trade show visuals, launching monthly mailers (ones that required stamps not internet connectivity), and following it all up with “cold /warm calls” to nurture … Read More

What is great customer support with DAM?

What sets apart the great from the good? Is it the best dam(n) software out there? Or is it the support that’s offered to go along with it? Reading the Manual. It may be a stereotype that men don’t ask for directions when they’re lost but it is true that 90% of us don’t read the user’s manual. We often … Read More