MerlinONe AI Head Graphic

How AI can enhance the utility of DAM

Every couple weeks lately it seems like another artificial intelligence (AI) milestone is achieved or some impressive AI-driven stunt makes the news. Self-driving cars, computers beating humans at the most complex games of strategy, imitating the style of Rembrandt paintings, even predicting the outcome of a popular TV show are a few AI stories of the past few months. If … Read More

MerlinOne To Show New Release at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference

Quincy, MA, April 27–MerlinOne will showcase the MerlinX version 5.3 release of its digital asset management solution at the Henry Stewart DAM show in New York May 5 – 6. The newest release includes enhanced video editing, a new commenting UI, a powerful workflow engine and an auto-tagging feature. Merlin is based on a modular, plug-in architecture. Every toolbar button, … Read More

Automated Metadata Helps Merlin DAM Users find Images

Quincy, MA, April 12, 2016–Is it a bird, a plane, or maybe just a yellow sunset? How cool would it be for a computer to describe what is in your photo and what are predominate colors so you can easily find it later? Just ask some Merlin customers and they can tell you. MerlinOne’s new Automated Metadata Enhancement (AME) option … Read More