Planning the migration to your new DAM

I have been involved in a lot of data migration in the past few months. There are a few things to consider before beginning the deployment of a new DAM system. It usually takes more effort and time than you realize. Plan realistically. You will need expertise within your own organization in order to successfully implement a new DAM. You … Read More

Foundation fundraising? How can you afford to not have a DAM?

While at the CASE III annual conference I had the opportunity to attend a session on building the framework for a successful university fundraising campaign and it was an eye opener. As one can imagine a multi-million dollar campaign takes years of organization, planning, implementing and nurturing. University foundations, usually independent 501c3 organizations,  work outside and within the university frameworks … Read More

Merlin Speaks Your language; Support Added for Multilingual Digital Asset Management and Searching

Quincy, MA,  Feb. 15, 2016—MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management solutions is providing its customers with multi-language support. This means that sites that want to store and search for content in different languages may now do so. Whether it is English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew, users may now submit content in any language (Klingon is … Read More

DAM proud, when work and personal lives intersect

One of our home town heroes was in the newspaper this past week for receiving a humanitarian award. Adam Wainwright, a St. Louis Cardinal’s pitching star, and a graduate of the same high school my kids are now attending, received the Hutch Award. Wainwright’s charitable work includes building an orphanage in Haiti after the earthquake, installing clean water systems in … Read More