10 Reasons to get a Digital Asset Management Solution

You have produced tons of digital assets and simply can’t find the one you need. You have no control of who is using your images or multimedia and need to rights manage it. Departments in your organization have different silos of data making it confusing and hard to find anything. You need to make sure the correct version of an image … Read More

Merlin Digital Asset Management System Named Top Performer

Quincy, MA, March 31, 2015 – Merlin DAM solution was ranked as a top performer in the crowd sourced G2 Crowd’s Spring 2015 report. The report is based on more than 200 reviews written by content professionals. The report, which is created from G2 Crowd’s software review platform, factors in customer satisfaction reported by users and vendor market presence determined … Read More

It’s all about the DAM Workflow‏

For years MerlinOne has been providing high availability, high performance Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that have been fulfilling the needs of our customers; increasing their productivity, and making their lives easier.  Over the years, those needs have been growing in order to keep up with ever expanding technologies, and services that are increasingly integrated and connected. In order to … Read More

It’s All about Managing Digital Media-Henry Stewart DAM NY Conference

The premiere digital asset management conference is coming to New York City again May 7-8. MerlinOne will be exhibiting at Henry Stewart DAM NY and showing how easy it is to configure simple or complex workflows with our new Workflow Engine. We will also show that organizing, selecting, and sharing digital media is even easier with MerlinX- from your desktop or mobile … Read More

Does your DAM have a Whoops Factor?

Not too long ago a member of our customer service team received a panicked call from a Merlin Digital Asset Management System user who had accidentally deleted a project or collection. This wasn’t just a personal project, but a shared project that the whole department used. And it wasn’t just a single project, but a folder encompassing multiple projects. As … Read More

DAM efficient NebraskaLAND Librarian; Photo Collection Goes Public in Nebraska

Merlin is for the birds…and sunsets, deer, sky, landscapes and people at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Pretty much whatever the skilled photographers of the NGPC capture with their cameras may be found in the Commission’s Merlin. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (http://outdoornebraska.ne.gov) has been using Merlin’s hosted digital asset management solution for more than a year and … Read More