Long term viability of file types or Here today and gone tomorrow!

It started as an internal discussion about raw camera workflow;  XMP vs IPTC and EXIF data.  (That would be the metadata that is embedded in photo files.  EXIF includes camera based data such as shutter speed and aperture, or the camera date and time. IPTC and XMP provide a mechanism for including information like the name of the person that … Read More

Make-A-Wish Foundation Selects Merlin Hosted DAM

Quincy, MA, March 1, 2013 – Make-A-Wish Foundation has selected the Merlin Hosted Digital Asset Management System to organize their internal photo and video content for ease of access. Merlin hosted systems are a full, outsourced, digital asset management system offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). MerlinOne locates its systems in the United States in a top-notch co-location facility with high security, … Read More