Our DAM Expertise Benefits You

I subscribe to a number of lists, blogs and user groups in my role as Application Support Manager at MerlinOne. I do this to try to keep up with an ever-changing digital asset management (DAM) landscape. There is so much information out there that relates to what we do as a company at MerlinOne. Recently, one of the posts I … Read More

Is the iPad Ready for Primetime Picture Desk Use?

This is a guest blog from Stephen Hart. Stephen Hart is a publishing technology consultant working within the magazine and newspaper industries and a former photo editor at the Associated Press. He used the MerlinOne digital asset management system in a previous position. The iPad is a great device. I love the thing.

Digital Asset Management Assisting Charitable Organizations

Guest blog from Heidi Lenssen of the Photo Library – Digital Media Centre at World Vision. A natural disaster. Then another. As each develops, World Vision springs into action. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families,