Video Asset Management to Maintain Raw Video Source

As a video editor, you learn very quickly that a lot of the heavy lifting in the editing process happens before you even start cutting video. That heavy lifting is the organization of your media. Keeping track of every shot from every tape can be quite daunting, especially when working with many hours of raw source. It is in this … Read More

Digital Asset Management and the FIFA World Cup

Suddenly everyone I know is a football fan. No, not the kind of football game with guys all padded up to play on Saturday or Sunday (I live in the South where those football fans have always existed). This is the kind we Americans refer to as soccer. By-the-way, I did read an article that the word “soccer” really came … Read More

Cool New iPad App from Our Digital Asset Management Customer

I am a Mac user and an Apple fan and have been for years. I am on my second iPhone and as a matter-of-fact, my husband and 12-year-old daughter have them and my 10-year-old son uses my first generation iPhone (no phone service though – I do have to draw the line somewhere) as an iPod touch, downloading as many … Read More