Merlin Digital Asset Management Customers Win the Pulitzer Prize

Congratulations to the 2010 Pulitzer Prize Winning MerlinOne Customers! Having roots in the news business, every year I look forward to reading the announcement about who won the Pulitzer Prizes and at which newspapers they work. For those non-news enthusiasts, the Pulitzer Prize, is named for famed journalist and publisher (and Jekyll Island, GA, former part-time resident),

Digital Photo Management: Choosing a Digital Camera

As a former AP photographer, and someone who still derives income from a photo-related business (digital photo archiving at MerlinOne) I am often asked by friends and family what the best digital camera is. Of course there is no simple answer, but generally, the best camera is the one you are carrying with you.

Video Asset Management – Preparing Video for Deployment

Whether preparing a video for storing in a video asset management system or for deployment on a website, I often hear questions about the best setting for video encoding. Often this question is answered with another question, or a series of questions. Are you being provided with any video specifications? What medium are you encoding the video for? Who is … Read More