Digital Archive: Avoiding A Digital Dark Age

A prominent computer scientist once quipped, “digital media lasts forever or five years – whichever comes sooner.” This was the late 1990s and a handful of stories about lost or nearly irretrievable data raised alarm in some circles. The twin-issues of preserving data and being able to make sense of it five, ten, or 100 years later was starting to … Read More

Harvard in Haiti, a Merlin Digital Asset Management Customer Profiled

Guest blog from Justin Ide, Assistant Director for Photography at Harvard Public Affairs and Communications, (HPAC). I started in photography at The Times West-Virginian, a small newspaper in Fairmont, West Virginia, and I’ve worked at Harvard since October 1999 when I left a staff position at The Boston Herald. When I photograph, I’m drawn to people and what they do, … Read More

Digital Asset Management Systems in a Time of Need

Digital asset management systems play a huge role in fundraising efforts for non-profit and other organizations especially when a natural disaster strikes an area. The news media provides an important role and is usually quite good at getting the first images out to the world and perhaps follow-up coverage for about a week, but then it becomes “old” news. It … Read More

Digital Asset Management System: Top Ten Reasons You Need It

Top ten reasons you need a digital asset management system: You spend hours a day trying to find digital files that you know exist. Sometimes you never do find them. People phone or email you all day looking for digital assets. You wish they could search for them by themselves.