Digital Photo Management – Everything You Wanted to Know About JPEG

Ever wonder how it is possible to take a photo with your 8 megapixel camera, see the file referred to as a 24 megaByte file, and then send it to someone by email and the attachment is only around 1 megaByte? How can you squeeze down 24 megapixels to 1 megaByte and not mess up the image?

Nonlinear Editing, Like Digital Asset Management, Requires Metadata

In a previous life I was a video editor for a company that pioneered nonlinear editing systems. During that time, I used to collaborate on edits with a very talented editor located in Maryland (I’m located in Massachusetts). In order to work together we had to devise a workflow where we could both edit the same video project.

Getting Organized Before a Time of Digital Photo Management

Back in the day when I was a whippersnapper of a photographer and was shooting film, I learned it was important to save my work. Plenty of people tried to help me be organized, and it’s only appropriate that I now pass it on by helping others save their work in my role at MerlinOne.

New Storage Technology to Enhance Digital Asset Management Systems

As a reader of blogs like this one, you’re probably already familiar with Moore’s Law. It states, more or less, that the power of new computers increases exponentially with time as the costs come down. If you look at the history of microprocessors going back to the 1970s, you’ll see that CPU speeds have doubled on average about every 1.8 … Read More