Digital Photo Management: Sharing Pictures Today is Just So Easy

Sharing Pictures Today is Just So Easy. Here’s some perspective… I have fairly recently submerged myself in social media – Facebook, Twitter, reading lots of blogs, etc., and I can’t help but think, every time I click on a photo link, about how much easier it is today to send or share photographs with people than it was 20 years … Read More

Distributing Digital Asset Management in your Enterprise

Most organizations have traditionally had a very serial workflow for analog assets, and unfortunately some continue with the same workflow with digital objects, instead of taking advantage of the transition. We’ll use a photo as an example, although the scenarios apply to pretty much any data object.

As the Space Shuttle era ends…

Ever wonder how those crisp still photos of the Space Shuttle rising off the pad are made? It is harder than it looks. No media person is allowed closer than 3 miles to the pad, and in Florida haze that makes a crisp photo impossible. In the early days of the Shuttle program (1982) media people were

So, just what is a DAM system good for anyway?

Nearly everyone I know has at least one half-forgotten shoebox full of pictures. You know, the pictures that you keep meaning to sort through, but never quite manage to actually organize? Now that most of us have moved onto using digital cameras, that problem has only gotten worse. Now, instead of easily flipping through photos